August 9, 2018

We know where the most advantageous price of cereals in Kiev

The team Costless has repeatedly argued how important it is to monitor prices for products - the same goods in different stores can have a completely different cost. For example, the price of buckwheat can vary from 22 UAH. and up to 36.95 UAH. And the price of oatmeal from 37.90 UAH. up to 51.89 UAH.


Today we want to pay attention to the review of prices for cereals. This product is a non-perishable food and a huge benefit to our health. It is the porridge that is the right source of energy, vitamins and must be present in every person's daily diet. But we decided to find out where you can buy so much useful product more profitable.


To do this, we created a list of the most common types of cereals, flour and compared the cost of these goods in such supermarkets in Kiev as Fozzi, Novus, Auchan, Megamarket, Metro and Furshet.


List of goods:

  • buckwheat
  • oat flakes
  • rice
  • corn grits
  • semolina
  • couscous
  • wheat flour
  • corn flour


We used the prices for goods, which are indicated on the official websites of each of the supermarket chain. In some cases, used analogues of goods according to the assortment of the store.


According to the table, the difference between the largest sum of check for a basket with cereals in the network Furshet (233.64 UAH.) and the minimum in the network Metro (200.80 UAH.) was 32.84 UAH.


Features of storing cereals


In order to use the croups brought maximum benefit is very important way to store them, and the shelf life should not be forgotten. Although many mistakenly believe that the groats - an indefinite product. But this is not the case, say more, the groat has a different expiry date. An overdue product may have a normal appearance, but lose its useful properties and taste.


Storage times for bulk food:


  • millet - up to 4 months;
  • oat flakes - up to 7 months;
  • pearl barley and semolina - 14 months;
  • rice - up to 1.5 years;
  • buckwheat groats - up to 2 years;
  • other cereals - up to 1 year;
  • whole-grain flour - up to 3 months;
  • buckwheat flour - 6 months;
  • rice flour - 9 months;
  • corn, soy and oat flour - 10 months;
  • Wheat flour - up to 1 year.

And now back to the ways of storage. We have prepared for you a few simple but very important tips that will help avoid premature product damage and pest formation:


  1. Well examine the product even before the purchase: the integrity of the packaging, the appearance of the cereals and the date of manufacture. If the packaging is cardboard or not transparent, then be guided by the expiration date.
  2. We recommend immediately after the purchase put groats loose in closed jars or containers. In polyethylene packaging, the product can quickly grow damp, nourish with an unpleasant odor.
  3. The best option for storing bulk in a dry and cool place, excellent fit kitchen cupboard. It is important that the cereals do not get direct sunlight.
  4. To store large amounts of bulk food, use a bag that is pre-cooked in a boil with salt. This will allow air to circulate inside and at the same time avoiding the ingress of insects.
  5. A bag of sugar should be stored on a pallet, avoiding moisture and heat sources.
  6. Use only a clean and dry spoon when taking flour, salt or sugar. Such a product can quickly deteriorate, grow damp. Also bulk food quickly deteriorate if you keep an open container over a pan or frying pan with steam.
  7. Periodically completely empty the croup containers. When you constantly top up a new croup, the one that is left on the bottom for a long time remains unused. And in it, pests may appear.


The Costless team wishes you profitable and useful purchases!

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