November 21, 2019

Costless received $ 10,000 for development and scaling

DigitalOcean in conjunction with YC Business School provided donations $ 10,000 for Costless for 1-year usage.

These funds will help us to: 

  • speed up the service reducing users’ waiting time; 
  • create new cool features for Costless iOS & Android apps.

For more than a year, Costless enables consumers to make shopping more beneficial & comfortable, helps to save time & money. The app accompanies you throughout the full shopping process: create a shopping list, select needed products and stores, compare prices, view special deals & promotions, make online orders, get your $ rewards, and analyze expenses.

DigitalOcean and YC business school gave us the chance to make new changes even faster than we expected. 

Stay tuned!

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