May 26, 2018

Use the costless bonus program - buy more! How does the bonus program?

Dear users, we inform you about the new features of the application for comparing prices Costless.

Now everyone can save not only by comparing prices for goods, participating in supermarket promotions and using discounts in stores, but also earning pleasant bonuses for each purchase made.

To get points, you just need to upload a sales receipt photo to the application. And it does not matter whether these goods are bought at a discount in ATB or at a stock in Silpo, the cost of the goods is also not important - you get points for each position in the check without exception. An obligatory condition for scoring is the readability of all the data indicated on the check (check number, store address, purchased goods), and the photo itself must be downloaded to the application no later than 15 days from the date of purchase. Points are awarded automatically after the goods receipt is downloaded to the application and processed. 

To load a check, go to the section "Costless card*" and click "Add a receipt". Take a snapshot of the check, if the check is long, click "Add another photo". Then click "Save".

* This option is available only after registration in the application. Also accumulating bonuses you increase the category of Costless cards, which will give you the opportunity to use higher discounts in stores. 

For each position in the sales receipt you receive 1 point, which is equal to 0.02 UAH. More loaded checks - more bonus money.

Use the accumulated bonuses in stores you will can use from July 1, 2018.

Bonus program from Costless gives you the opportunity to spend points earned on such bonuses **:

  • from 10 UAH. mobile account replenishment is available (operator can be charge a fee!);
  • from 50 UAH. there is an opportunity to receive prepaid cards (gift certificates) of supermarkets.

** is meant the purchase of bonuses by the user for 0.01 UAH.

*** Costless reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the system of accumulation, assessment and payment of points.

Also, we are actively working on expanding the options for using of bonuses, so other additional options may appear soon.

You can find out about the current balance of bonuses at any convenient moment simply by going to the section "Costless card"

With a bonus program from Costless, making purchases now is even more profitable!

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