June 4, 2018

Simply enter the champagne you need in the application's search line and the price of each store where this product is displayed automatically

The reasons for buying champagne can be a lot. And summer is a solid occasion for parties, personal holidays and easy booze. And you will agree that discounts for champagne can be another pleasant bonus.

For example, with the help of our application you can find out that at the moment Champagne Asti in Kiev can be found as for 278 UAH in the network of supermarkets Fozzi, and for 380.66 UAH in the Megamarket network. And this is neither more nor less than 102.66 UAH benefits. Similarly, Costless will help to find the best price for a bottle of champagne of any other brand. Also you can create a basket of the goods you need and compare the total cost of the necessary goods to the stores.

Champagne is an easy and festive drink that can be drunk both before meals (as an aperitif), and during meals - under the second course and dessert.

Would like to give you some tips on how to drink champagne.

First of all, before using, champagne needs to be cooled a little. Serve the same bottle of champagne to the table you need in a bucket not with ice, but with water, in which pieces of ice float.

To open champagne it is necessary silently - the shot contributes to rapid evaporation from sparkling carbon dioxide. Also do not shake the bottle. Hold at an angle of 45 degrees and, tightly holding the stopper, rotate not the stopper, but the bottle.

Pour the champagne into the glass slowly, directing the trickle to the inclined wall of the glass. Sparkling wine is poured into two "sets" to allow the foam to settle. If you pour the champagne immediately on the bottom of the glass, then a large foam will rise. Fill the glass better by three quarters.

Keep a glass of champagne, too, should be special. Some people, drinking a sparkling wine, hold a wine glass, wrapping the palm of his upper part - as if drinking brandy. But, unlike cognac, which, with a slight warming up of the hand, becomes more fragrant, champagne loses its taste and sparkling. Therefore, the wine glass with champagne should be kept only by the foot.

Champagne is usually classified by species (vintage and virgin) and sugar content: Non-dosage (without sugar), Brut (14-16 grams / liter), Sec (18-35 grams / liter), Demi-sec (30-50 gram / liter).

And finally, a few interesting facts about champagne.
The most expensive champagne in the world is not the champagne washes, it's Shipwrecked 1907 Heidsieck. This drink is more than a hundred years old. And in 1997, bottles with sparkling wine were found on a sunken ship that transported it for the royal family to Russia.
Very unexpectedly, it is very undesirable for women to drink champagne with painted lips, because lipstick contains a substance that neutralizes the taste of the drink.

We wish you pleasant evenings in the company of sparkling wine.

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