January 9, 2019

Can't find a product or shop?! Then just add it.

We have already told you that every day the Costless application is updated with new data about stores, products, prices and promotions? But if suddenly you did not find your favorite store or the product you need in the application - you can add it yourself.

Make it very easy!

Go to the “Your contribution” section of the menu and in order to add a new store or product, click the corresponding button - Add store or Add item.


How to add a new store?

When GPS is enabled, the application will list all nearby stores. If you do not find the store you need in the list, then click the “Add store” button and fill out a special form with the data.

After verifying the information and adding the store to the Costless base, you will receive a push notification of the result.


How to add a price for a product or a new product?

To add the price of a product or a new product, your phone must be connected to the Internet. Select from the list the store in which you are located. The application prompts you to enter data about the barcode of the product manually or by scanning the barcode. If the barcode does not find the item in the Costless database, use the item search by name. After the search is completed, if there are results, select the desired item to add a price. If there are no search results, you can add a new product, enter information about it (the field with the name and price of the product is required). Information will be checked and added to the application database.


Each new store you add, price or product makes our application even better and more useful for each user!

Install and start saving

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