April 21, 2020

Eco: which product packaging is better?

As you know, first impressions, and this applies even to products. We pay attention to beautiful jars, bright packaging, and creative solutions of manufacturers. But more importantly, the packaging or the product itself?

We offer to take care of ourselves, paying attention to the composition of the product, and take care of nature, paying attention to the environmental friendliness of the package.

Today, in honor of International Earth Day, we want to pay special attention to packaging that is safe for nature and can be recycled.

Most often in supermarkets, we see packaging made of different types of plastic, let's see if all the plastic is equally good.

So, before you take the product in plastic packaging, pay attention to the marking — a triangle with a number inside will tell whether this plastic is dangerous for nature or not:

  • The number 1 on the packaging is quite common (often it is transparent plastic bottles) and they are well recyclable.
  • 2 - are often found on the packaging of detergents and are also recyclable.
  • 3 - please pay special attention! After all, packaging made of such plastic is not recyclable.
  • 4 - often from such plastic bags, bags, bottles of detergents are made, they can be recycled.
  • 5 - found on the packaging of semi-finished products and is recyclable.
  • 6 - this plastic is used for glasses for yogurt, it is recycled, but can release hazardous substances.
  • 7 - such plastic is not recycled, we advise you to refuse to use it.

If we talk about the safest* packaging, glass takes precedence. In the second place — metal packaging, in the third — plastic bottles and cans.

The most dangerous for humans and nature is durable plastic (packaging marked as a triangle with the numbers 3, 6, and 7).

*implies the safety of production for nature, for humans and the possibility of processing

And of course, do not forget to use a reusable bag to buy products or reuse a plastic bag. Moreover, during quarantine, your trip to the store is definitely planned, so we recommend taking a bag with you along with a mask and disposable gloves.

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