July 9, 2019

Review of novelty product: coconut drink Thai Coco.

Sometimes you go to the store and the eyes diverge on the number and variety of products. Every day something new appears on the shelves to which the hand stretches.

Let's taste and analyze together what these products really are.

Let's get started

Perhaps you have already noticed a new product of bright color in a beautiful package, which seems to be attracting to itself — this is coconut drink Thai Coco. We tasted several flavors (classic, with strawberry flavor, melon flavor) and are ready to share an impression.

Thai Сoco Thai Сoco Strawberry Thai Сoco Melon

What about the product?

Drink from Thailand. The manufacturer positions it as a source of lauric acid and an excellent drink for people with lactose intolerance (without milk, without soy, without gluten — written on the package).

It is better to drink chilled and shake before use.

The cost of the drink (280 ml) varies from 29.30 to 50 UAH. (in COSTLESS you can easily find a store with the most reasonable price).

What about the composition?

The drink consists of coconut water and coconut milk, and also contains emulsifiers and sweeteners (which is indicated directly on the beverage wrapper). But if you read the composition, you can pay attention to the content in the product of the dye tartrazine, which can adversely affect the activity and attention in children (this is again written on the label).

Calorie content on the minimum — only 70 kcal per 280 ml bottle.

What about to taste?

We conducted a product tasting right at the COSTLESS office. So we can safely say — you will live. Well, seriously, we offer a male and female view of the product.

The opinion of men:

  • Thai Coco — pronounced milky taste with a taste of corn. After consumption, a corn aftertaste remains.
  • Thai Сoco Strawberry — taste milky-strawberry, with a slight sourness. The aftertaste is neutral.
  • Thai Сoco Melon — milky taste with a taste of corn. Not enough sweetness. The aftertaste is neutral.

We do not recommend to use to people who do not like the taste of milk.

Opinion girls:

  • Thai Сoco — bitter aftertaste.
  • Thai Сoco Strawberry — a very pleasant coconut-strawberry flavor. The drink is very light, but a slight bitter aftertaste remains.
  • Thai Сoco Melon — a strange aftertaste of grass and something else incomprehensible :) A bitter aftertaste.


Thailand coconut drink will surely attract with its packaging and color, but not everyone will like the taste. Product rather at one  time. But why not try?

While we are tasting and preparing new reviews, we wish you successful and bargain shopping with COSTLESS. 

We are also waiting for your feedback about Thai Сoco.

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