June 27, 2018

Buy chocolate is pretty easy, but to find the best price is sometimes a problem with an asterisk

Costless gives you the opportunity in the search field to write the product you are interested in and find a store with the most attractive price or the closest to you location. Also, you can add several goods to the basket and get a comparison on the total cost in different supermarkets.
For example, the price of milk chocolate Svitoch Zlako-Moko yogurt-cereal crips may vary from 18.86 UAH in the network Auchan to 23.99 UAH in the network of supermarkets Novus. Similarly, you can find out the price of a chocolate Millennium or any other chocolate.

But the Costless team knows where to buy chocolate in Kiev with benefit!

And if we fill our basket with several chocolate products, such as: Lyubimov chocolate jelly pralines 125g, milk chocolate Tableron 100g, Milk chocolate with almonds 90g and milk chocolate Roshen with chopped hazelnuts 90g and compare their total cost. It can be seen that in Auchan this set of goods can be bought at the lowest price - 122 UAH, in Furshet, at the same high - 162.35 UAH. The benefit in this case is 40.35 UAH.

And now I would like to pay attention to a delicious treat - Mr. Chocolate.

You knew that there are three main varieties of cocoa: criollo, forastero and trinitario. The first of them is a variety with delicate taste and wonderful aroma, but extremely delicate and vulnerable in the face of unfavorable weather factors and diseases. Therefore, its cultivation area is very limited.
Forastero is a cocoa fighter from West Africa. Due to its endurance and yield, it is the most common in the whole world. Beans are characterized by intense sour bitter tart taste.
Trinitario is the youngest kind of chocolate trees that has arisen when crossing the above-mentioned species. More resistant to shocks compared to aristocratic cryollo and having a more noble taste compared to a strong foraster.

Now besides the usual black, milk and white chocolate, there is also a ruby ​​one. The Swiss company Barry Callebaut has created ruby ​​chocolate and uses a special grade of cocoa beans called Ruby for its production. This is a 100% natural product with a fruit and berry flavor.
Very pleased that chocolate is not just a tasty, but also a useful product. It may seem incredible, but still the chocolate helps to lose weight. Neurologist Will Clauer claims that a small piece of chocolate 20 minutes before a meal causes the appearance of hormones in the brain that are responsible for a feeling of satiety. Because of this, you yourself without knowing it eats less food.

And Finnish studies claim that chocolate reduces stress levels in expectant mothers. And their babies smile more often than children whose parents do not consume chocolate.
It is also proved that dark chocolate should be used if necessary to improve sensitivity to insulin. In moderate doses, chocolate can delay or even prevent the development of diabetes.

Flavanols included in chocolate prevent memory loss in the elderly, and also have anti-inflammatory effects, which will be very useful in the treatment of brain injuries such as concussions.

It was proved that cocoa contained in chocolate reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol (LDL), while raising the level of "good", and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Among other things, dark chocolate is full of minerals, such as potassium, zinc and selenium. For example, 100 g of dark chocolate provides 67% of the daily iron norm.

It seems that we found quite a few reasons to afford with a couple of pieces of your favorite chocolate delicacy.
And remember that with Costless to buy chocolate in Kiev is easier and more profitablel!

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