October 13, 2019

Where to go in Kyiv of October 14-20

Every day is a small life, we offer to live it to the fullest. Moreover, we have prepared a selection of interesting and tasty events of the week (October 14-20).

Read and choose what you like best.

  • OCTOBER 14
    Bread Day ➜ tasting bread prepared according to Tripoli traditions, as well as bread loaves - loaves, which are prepared according to the Cossack technique. Workshop on making live bread without yeast, sourdough and soda

  • OCTOBER 14
    Varenyky Week ➜ 7 new recipes = 7 new types of dumplings!

  • OCTOBER 14
    Base skills ➜ Cycling: theory and practice

  • OCTOBER 16
    “The Joker Film: Storytelling Algorithms” ➜ online lecture with a detailed analysis of the film on Technology Content Visualization

  • OCTOBER 16
    “How to cook well and great” ➜ presentation of the book, which was reprinted for the first time in 90 years

  • OCTOBER 17
    Coffee with the owners ➜ meeting business owners in an informal atmosphere over a cup of coffee. Networking, useful contacts, the ability to declare oneself, find customers and partners

  • OCTOBER 17
    HeForShe Congress 2019 ➜ 7 men - 7 leaders in their industries - will discuss 7 principles for supporting women in business

  • OCTOBER 18
    Wines - business cards of the world ➜ lecture-tasting about the history of winemaking, the difference in wines of the New and Old Worlds, wine glasses and serving temperature and much more

  • OCTOBER 19
    Fashion Drink ➜ 5 work areas with discussion topics:
    - Sales channels, access to marketplaces
    - Preparation for export, export
    - Promotion in social networks
    - Bloggers and influencers
    - Production

  • OCTOBER 19-20
    Ceramics Market ➜ This year's largest ceramic market

  • OCTOBER 20
    Hotel "Grand Budapest" ➜ screening and discussion of the film. The film is shown in the original, with Ukrainian subtitles

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