November 3, 2019

Where to go in Kyiv: poster for the events of November 4-10

What are your plans for the week? We have collected the most interesting events that will help make this week bright.

What to visit in Kyiv from November 4 to 10?

  • November 3 - 8
    Mysterious Japan Festival ➜ Two floors of Samskara art space will become portals - to samurai battles, Tokyo fashion districts, Japanese gods and demons, masterpieces of art and digital worlds.

  • NOVEMBER 3 - JANUARY 19 2020
    Різдвяна factory мрій на ВДНГ ➜ Fairytale town with incredible scenery. There is an opportunity to visit the office of an elf wizard and a workshop for painting Christmas decorations.

    Mullet Day ➜ All-day mullet is available at the best price.

    Veganism: what to eat and who to listen to ➜ A lecture by Dasha Voronkova, where you can learn how to properly build your diet, find out if you need nutritional supplements, and what tests vegans need to take.

    Wine Battle: Zhenya Nikolaychuk vs Vova Nepiyvoda ➜ Guests will be able to taste sets of 6 types of wine and tapas to decide whose wine set is better.

    Ukrainian cuisine in the USA: a history of taste and traditions ➜ lecture on how the Ukrainian culinary tradition was preserved, how it formed its national identity in the past and how today food helps to feel your ethnicity.

    Closing of the season: trees and coffee ➜ you want to drive 60 km with the most beautiful autumn trees, drink coffee, share your impressions for the nineteenth and tell about plans for the twentieth year.

  • NOVEMBER 9-10
    Vsi. Svoi: Knitwear ➜ a full variety of knitted clothes, from sweaters, dresses and knitted coats.

    Sunday unlimited oysters ➜ enjoy unlimited oysters. Perhaps you can break the record of 122 oysters at a time?

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