June 21, 2019

Who needs trash sorting and why?

95% of garbage in Ukraine goes to landfills. “There is a place for him!” - you will say. But the situation is that landfill site already occupy about 43 thousand square kilometers of the country's area, and this is comparable with the territory of Denmark!

In Ukraine, unfortunately, the waste treatment system has not been established and the area of ​​garbage continues to grow both up and into the breadth. By the way, in Europe, about 50% of garbage is recycled for recyclables, and the remainder is disposed of by incineration. But not in the yard, as we are accustomed to, so that topsy-turvy and stench on the whole street. And in special factories, where during the process of burning electricity or fuel is generated (for refueling of garbage trucks and public transport).

Yes, maybe we will not solve the problem quickly, but we can start with ourselves and reduce the garbage very easily! Sort garbage. Yes, perhaps banal, but very real proposal.

We have prepared a diagram of how to properly sort the garbage and what to do with it further.

How to start?

In order not to complicate things, we suggest starting with sorting and collecting something one, for example, waste paper - it takes up minimal space, there is no need to wash, it is not difficult to store.

When, so to speak, get involved in the process and add other sorting points.

The main thing is to understand exactly what is suitable for recyclables, and what is unprocessed waste!

What to sort?


We hand over: clean paper and cardboard.

We do not hand over: checks, toilet paper, napkins, disposable “paper” cups (they have a plastic layer!), Cigarette packs, egg pads.


We hand over: cans, aluminum beverage cans, lids from glass cans.


We hand over: bottles and jars, sometimes taken broken glass, but it is better to check with the receiver.

We do not hand over: incandescent bulbs.


* There are 7 types of plastic, the marking is indicated by a special triangle and a number in it.

We hand over:

triangle with number 1: beverage bottles, food packaging, shampoo jars and other cosmetics.
with number 2: household packaging, cosmetics, jerrycans, drinking yoghurt jars.
with number 4: transparent film, bags, soft bags from dairy products, powder, cosmetic packaging.
with number 5: packaging from under yoghurt, cottage cheese and other food products, disposable cups, food containers, boxes.
with number 6:  packaging from yogurt, sour cream and other products, egg pads.
Polystyrene foam: base for vegetable, disposable lunch containers.

We do not hand over:

triangle with number 3: packaging from confectionery and other products.
with number 7: tubes of toothpaste and other combined packaging.


We hand over: juice boxes, milk, kefir.

! Food packaging should be washed to avoid unpleasant odors.


We hand over: batteries, rechargeable batteries, mercury lamps and thermometers, electric junk, expired medicines, tires.


Good clothes can be given to charity in special funds.


An excellent alternative to a litter bin can be a compost bucket, where leftover food is processed into fertilizer. But! Meat, fish, milk, juices cannot be disposed of in this way.

How to sort?

Get another bucket or box where you can put recyclables. Sort on the species can be directly before hand in.

Recyclable container can stand in the kitchen, on the balcony, in the hallway or any other free space.

Where to hand in?

There is no point in sorting, if you do not hand over the resulting garbage in specially designated for this place!

In Kiev, there are 4 sorting stations:

Saperno-Slobodskaya 25/4
P. Kalnyshevsky, 2
Zdolbunovskaya, 4
T. Dreiser, 8

A bit of motivation

Sorting trash helps to reduce its quantity by half. 
But the main thing is that thanks to you deforestation is being reduced, the extraction of oil and metals, the life of animals dying from plastic waste is saved!

The best way to change this world is to start with yourself!

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