July 9, 2018

Where in Kiev can you profitably buy detergent for dishes and other household chemicals?

It turns out that the usual detergent appeared in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century.

Cleaning is rarely a welcome and interesting pastime. If you think otherwise, then we applaud you standing up! But in any case without it in any way, and without special detergents to provide quality cleaning is simply impossible.

And even if you managed to shift all the dirty work onto the shoulders of a wonderful assistant, the costs of cleaning products remain on you.

The Costless team decided to collect the ideal household goods basket, which included all popular washing aids. 

So, the list of products:

- Washing powder.
- Detergents for dishes.
- Sponges for washing dishes.
- Microfiber cloth.
- Bath cleaner.
- Detergent for the toilet.
- Unit for cleaning the toilet.
- Detergent for flooring.
- Polishing for furniture.
- Means for washing windows.
- Household gloves.
- Garbage bags.
- Toilet paper.

Lifehacks for a perfect cleaning (yes, yes, and it happens):

1. Begin with the top. Cleaning in each room, start from the top elements and shelves smoothly moving down to the tables, curbstones, sofas. Then, if necessary, use a vacuum, and as a final step, use the floor cleaner.
2. Down with too much. To speed up the cleaning process, once make a strong-willed decision and remove as much as possible all these beautiful figurines, vases, small items, and other accessories that you do not use. They will be perfectly stored in a box, and you do not need to rearrange them every time from place to place. By the way, put all the items is only after the rubbed surface completely dry. This will help to avoid dirty stains.
3. Everything has its time. Stove, microwave, and oven items of active use and frequent contamination. Therefore, it is better to wipe them each time after the pollution. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that cleaning the machine requires the same principle. Time used detergents will help maintain the purity and appearance of your car.
4. Use a microfiber. Replace synthetic cloths and terry towels with cotton cloth, or preferably with microfiber cloths. They perfectly absorb moisture and do not leave villi.
5. Assistants. Sometimes an ordinary products can be an excellent assistant in cleaning. For example, if you run out of bath cleaner, replace it with vinegar. To achieve the gloss of surfaces and faucets in the bathroom, simply wipe them with a mix of vinegar and water.


We hope that our tips will help you in the cleaning process.

And remember that buying with Costless is always more profitable.


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