September 15, 2018

We found out where and what prices are now for dairy products in Ukraine

Dairy products are an important component of a healthy person's diet. We decided to find out where to buy milk is more profitable, and also found out the main advantages of regular consumption of fermented milk products. But first things first.

Have you ever wondered how the price of milk can differ, depending on which supermarket you buy it in? And we did not just think about it, we regularly check and compare prices, in order to find an advantageous place for you to buy.

So, we have formed the following list of dairy products:

  1. Milk
  2. Yogurt
  3. Cottage cheese
  4. Butter
  5. Cheese
  6. Sour cream
  7. Kefir

We compared prices in such supermarkets as Fozzi, Novus, Auchan, Metro, Megamarket and Furshet. The prices for each product were added to the summary table below:

According to the table, we can safely conclude that the difference between the smallest amount of the check in the Metro network (UAH 284.55) and the largest - in the network Furshet (UAH 318.38) is UAH 33.83.

To check the price differences for any other product, simply enter its name in the search box of the mobile application Costless. You can easily choose the best the price and location of the store for purchases.

And now, we suggest to talk about the importance of fermented milk products in our diet.

At the end of the XIX century, studies were conducted that found that the intestinal microflora in a healthy and sick person is very different. A sour-milk products are an excellent source of maintaining a healthy microflora. Probiotics that actively multiply in the process of fermentation (fermentation) affect the increase of enzymes and vitamins B, C, D, K.

Today we offer to consider 5 main advantages of using fermented milk products:

  1. Improve digestion. Sour-milk products are easily absorbed by the body and are a quick way to improve the state of bacterial flora in the stomach and reduce the effect of stress or strong drugs on the digestive system.
  2. Positive effect on the immune system. Sour-milk products are indispensable in the fight against pathogens and the renewal of energy. Butter, yogurt, cottage cheese and sour cream contain B vitamins and bacteria positively influence and strengthen the immune system.
  3. Weight control. The cultured milk foods is an excellent ally in the fight against excess weight. It helps maintain water balance, provides a lot of nutrients (unsaturated fats, minerals and beneficial bacteria), also helps speed up metabolism.
  4. Reducing the feeling of fatigue. Vitamin D contained in dairy products helps us to restore strength, maintain energy and be more resistant to stress.
  5. Maintains the health of bones, teeth, muscles and skin, and improves eyesight. Sour-milk products are a natural source of calcium and vitamin D, they help the body maintain the health and strength of bones, teeth, hair, muscles and skin condition, and also promote vision improvement.

Separately, we would like to dwell on the issue of the effect of sour-milk products on the skin condition. Many advocates of a healthy lifestyle believe that the use of dairy products adversely affects the skin and the body as a whole. But according to studies conducted in Japan, in which 101 women participated, it was found that the regular intake of probiotics and prebiotics contained in the sour milk products has a beneficial effect on the skin, preventing dryness, and contributes to improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract and cleansing the body.


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