July 30, 2019

How much do soft drinks cost in Ukraine?

In the summer, the desire to drink something tasty and refreshing increases at times. Store shelves are filled with various drinks, limonads and kvass. The COSTLESS team has prepared a review of prices for the most popular non-alcoholic beverages that can be found in any store in Ukraine

But! Please note that our review involved only drinks in glass containers and cans. We did this specifically to remind you of the importance of avoiding plastic containers.

We have several important reasons for this:

  1. 250 ml of oil and 3 liters of water are spent on the production of 1 liter of water in a plastic bottle to put it mildly, the distribution of resources is not the most rational.
  2. A plastic bottle releases a chemical substance bisphenol-A, which leads to intoxication and hormonal disruption in the human body.
  3. About 2 million tons of plastics are released into the oceans every year. First of all, the reason for a one-time use of plastic containers and the lack of proper disposal.
  4. About 70% of the annual volume of plastic falls into the ocean from May to October (during a period of increasing demand for soft drinks).
  5. 300 tons is exactly the amount of plastic produced in a year. In this case, the period of decomposition plastics is 400 years.

Agree, these are quite weighty arguments against plastic. Although it is not enough just to replace plastic with cans. It is better to reduce the use of disposable packaging, as well as properly dispose of it wash, crumple and hand over at the station receiving garbage. About what and how to pass, we wrote earlier here.

For your convenience, we not only compared the prices of goods in this article, but also created a special template in the COSTLESS application with a list of beverages in a can and glass. You can use this list by changing it as you like. And also add to Favorites any product from the list.

Read here: Why add products to Favorites? 

Now we propose to go to price comparison* for your favorite drinks in different supermarkets in Kiev and Ukraine, in order to know where to buy more profitable.

*prices in the review were taken from public sources corporate sites of supermarkets and relevant to the date of the review.

drinks in cans
Prices in shops, UAH
Product Novus Auchan Mega market Fozzy Obzhora Nash kray Tavria В
Mineral water Morshinskaya 0,5l n/с glass
Mineral water Morshinskaya 0,5l glass
Mineral water Polyana kvass UMV 0,5l glass
Water medical-dining room PolyanaKvasova Alex 0,5l glass
Mineral water Borjomi 0,5l glass
Mineral water Borjomi 0,33l tin can
Water Perrier 0,13ml glass
Drink Coca-Cola 0,33l tin can
Drink Coca-Cola 0,25l glass
Drink Coca-Cola Zero 0,33l
Fanta drink 0,33l tin can
Drink Sprite 0.33 liter tin can
Drink Schweppes 0.33 liter tin can
Drink Pepsi 0.3l glass
Drink Pepsi 0.33 liter tin can
Drink Mirinda 0.33 liter tin can
Dr Pepper Drink 0,33l tin can
Drink Red Bull 0.25l
Beverage Red Bull without Sugar 0.25l
Beverage Non Stop 0.25l
Drink Burn Classic 0.25l tin can
Drink Monster Energe 0.359 tin can
Drinks Vyatrachku Dushes 0,5l
Drinks Georgian Bouquet of Dishes 0.5l
Drink Morshynsky juice 0.33 ml tin can
Kvas Taras 0,5l Bread white tin can
Kvas Taras 0,5l Bread black tin can
Galicia juice 1l glass
Galicia juice 0.3l glass
Juice Chumak Fruiz 65g tetrapac
Chumak juice 0,95l tetrapack
Pomegranate juice 0,3l glass
Pomegranate juice 1l glass

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