December 17, 2018

Where is the most attractive price for cheese?

In the world there are more than 300 types of cheeses. Cheese can be hard, soft, brine, young or fermented milk. But its main charm is not in the possibility of a wide choice or variety of methods of application. And in the benefits of cheese for the human body!

Cheese contains vitamin A and vitamin B12, protein, phosphorus, zinc and calcium. According to statistics, 10 out of 10 women and 6 out of 10 men do not consume the recommended rate of a substance as important for the body as calcium. Nutritionists recommend drinking milk, yogurt and cheese every day!

Recently we wrote about how to choose and store cheese (if you missed this article, then rather follow the link). And today I would like to focus on a review of the price of cheese.

Where is it more profitable to buy your favorite cheese?

We decided to take the most common cheeses and compare their cost in various supermarkets in the city, such as Fozzy, Novus, Auchan, Megamarket, Metro and Furshet. We chose brands that are present in all stores or were looking for their counterparts. Now we know for sure where it is more profitable to buy which cheese.

* product prices were taken from the official sites of the respective supermarket chains.

According to our comparative table, it is clear that the most reasonable prices for a basket of cheese at chains Auchan (551.49 UAH), and the highest cost is in the chains Furshet (700.59 UAH), the difference in checks is 149.10 UAH, and this is not so little, agree!


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Comparative table of the cost of cheese:
Product Silpo Novus Auchan Mega market Metro Furshet
Tenero Cheese 50% "Komo", 200г
Cheese Dobrodar 50% "Zveni Gora", 230г
Cheese Russian Classic 50% Piryatin, 160г
Brie cheese soft with mold 50% "Dobryana", 115г
Mozzarella cheese soft 48% Galbani, 125г
Mozzarella cheese is light 28% Galbani, 125г
Cheese, soft Camembert President, 90г
Philadelphia Original Cheese 69% Craft Foods, 175г
Philadelphia Cheese Ukraine Belotserkovsky, 180г
Feta cheese soft brine 45% "Premialle", 250г
Hard Parmesan cheese 40% 12 months "Dzhyugas", 180г
Hard Parmesan cheese 40% 2 months "Dzhyugas", 180г
Cheese Brinza pickle 35% "Premialle" , 250г
Cheese Suluguni 45% "Farm", 250г

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