May 31, 2019

When your picnic is a bit eco

Let's be honest, outdoor recreation with good company, and with delicious food - this is a kaif. And by the way, we prepared a review of prices for food for a picnic so that this kaif would be even more accessible.

But how much is nature “glad” to our picnics? And what do we leave behind - a clean glade or the birth of a new garbage dump?

Let's figure out how to make your picnic at least a little eco, that is safe for the environment.

We offer a few simple rules for a good and safe (in all senses) rest:

  1. Mangal Take a brazier with you - this will help avoid burning the ground and leave behind you a beautiful clearing where the grass can grow further.
  2. Products. Create a list of products for a picnic, plan the purchase of natural products, avoid marinades and canned products packed in plastic. In COSTLESS you will find ready-made versions of templates with lists of products for a picnic.
  3. Dishes. Plastic dishes, or rather its long term decomposition (about 400 years) causes incredible damage to nature. We suggest using ordinary dishes from home or alternatively using paper, wooden or bamboo dishes.
  4. Packages. Instead of plastic bags, use fabric bags, wicker baskets or picnic boxes.
  5. Tablecloth. Bring a tablecloth and towels made from natural materials.
  6. The drinks. Prefer drinks in paper or glass containers.
  7. Garbage. It is very important to leave behind a cleaner than it was. Be sure to collect all the garbage, if you can sort it (organic, plastic, tin and paper) and dispose of it accordingly - it will be just perfect. Organic garbage can be left in a designated place for decomposition in nature.

Have a nice picnic and always bargain shopping with COSTLESS!

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