September 4, 2019

Snack: what to bring with you to school or to work?

Work, study, no time to eat! Is that familiar?
Then you are welcome to read the article, it’s just about that.

When there is no free minute or you send your child to school, then the lunch box can be a real salvation.

We have prepared some good ideas for a healthy and satisfying snack, which is suitable for both an adult and a child, and most importantly, do not spoil during the day.

In addition, for your convenience, in COSTLESS you will find a special template with a list of products for a snack. Follow the link → and use the template. By the way, it can be edited, shared with loved ones, and jointly celebrate purchased.

We offer several options for takeaway lunch:

1. Sandwiches.

We suggest using whole grain and / or yeast-free bread. It can be pre-fried or just cut into convenient pieces.

Filling options:

  • cheddar cheese and apple;
  • mozzarella cheese and tomato;
  • peanut butter and banana;
  • boiled turkey, hard cheese and cucumber;
  • ricotta cheese mixed with finely chopped herbs;
  • boiled egg, avocado, and tomato;
  • cream cheese and cucumber.

2. Lavash rolls

Pita bread should be thin and soft to curl easily.

Filling options:

  • cottage cheese, ground with a spoon of honey and berries or dried fruits;
  • finely chop raw or baked bell pepper, add salt, a little lime juice, baby curd;
  • cream cheese and redfish.

3. Cutting

  • vegetable: carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, celery, cherry tomatoes;
  • fruit: apple, pear, grapes;
  • cheese - one or more variants of cheese.

4. Nuts.
5. Dried fruits.
6. Crispbread or Futi Chips.

 We wish you a tasty snack and good shopping with COSTLESS.

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