May 15, 2020

Quarantined Fun

“What to do in quarantine?” - perhaps one of the most popular questions in the last 2 months.

According to surveys, about 45% of women present their ideal evening reading a book, while 50% of men prefer to play the console or computer games. How do you spend your evenings and how do you have fun with your family?

How to entertain yourself and family in quarantine?

For International Family Day, the Costless team decided to help you diversify your leisure activities and prepared options for a fun family pastime:

  1. Arrange your own experimentalism 
    Introduce the children to the eruption of the volcano (combine water and vinegar 1:1, add dye for entertainment, gradually add soda, and admire the eruption).

  2. Add adrenaline
    Do you like extreme, vivid emotions? Then welcome to online attractions from Disneyland - you will never forget such an experience.

  3. Everyone dances!
    What about dance karaoke? Just Dance is a great way to deal with depression on self-isolation. You can play on the console or find the dance record on YouTube.

  4. Organize a quest
    Make a band with obstacles or tasks throughout the apartment, look for a treasure, in general, do not deny yourself anything.

  5. Build treehouse
    No childhood should pass without treehouse! Build a cozy place under the table, on the balcony - no matter where most importantly together.

  6. Olympics 2020
    Arrange your own Olympiad, show all your sports skills, and enjoy an active day, even at home.

  7. Culinary journey
    Why not prepare dishes from your favorite countries, see photos from your trip, plan new ones, and ask: “How to entertain yourself in quarantine?” will fall away by itself.

  8. Arrange races
    Why not do the distillation in boxes on the floor? It will be fun for everyone.

  9. Everyone a picnic!
    What can you do in quarantine when you're bored? Have a picnic, especially since walks in the parks are officially allowed. Gather a basket of your favorite foods and enjoy nature and socializing with your family. By the way, in Costless there are several templates with products for a picnic for every taste (a picnic with fish, meat, a romantic and even a healthy picnic).

  10. Make Your Own Toyota
    Toyota has published a series of templates that can be printed, cut, and glued to create miniature paper models of the brand. It will be interesting even to dads.

  11. Play board games
    The best options for desktops are suitable for almost any age: Activity, Memori+, or Uno.

We hope that our ideas will help you brighten up quarantine every day and help the whole family have fun.

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