April 10, 2020

What do people buy in Ukraine during quarantine?

COVID-19 made its adjustments to the preferences and needs of absolutely everyone. Cinemas, theatres, restaurants, and travels faded into the past, leaving only wonderful memories and hopes. How did needs and desires change during quarantine in Ukraine? Speaking on this topic with colleagues, we decided to conduct a small study.


In addition to researching the consumer basket, we also checked the interests of the population and got the expected result during the quarantine period, interest in online education and home entertainment (182%), namely board, card, and online games, increased significantly. Education and entertainment are increasingly intertwined, and modern parents try to plunge their children into the world of technology as early as possible.

But back to consumption 

People became especially concerned about the issue of personal hygiene. No longer need to ask: “Have you washed your hands before eating?!”
hands are always washed :) In March, for example, The list of personal hygiene products for every day became the most popular topic on our blog, interest in the material increased hundreds of times.

Expenditures on food products increased by 2 times, and on household chemicals and household equipment
by 4.5 times. Therefore, we sit at home, study/work, eat, clean, and have fun. And soon summer and the end of quarantine! Do not forget about the figure, do sports.

We also noticed that the average check from the supermarket increased by 15-20 positions, while the number of checks with one or two products fell sharply.

The top 5 products that users of the Costless mobile app are looking for and purchasing include:

  • Croup
  • Meat/Fish
  • Dairy products
  • Light alcohol
  • Soft drinks

As expected, the list of needs has not changed dramatically, but the priorities, the way of shopping, and the quantity indicator have changed a bit.


Visit less crowded places, and use the online ordering in the Costless app for shopping. But if suddenly you are planning to go to the store, look in the “Promotions” section at Costless, it will help you make purchases more profitable.

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