December 15, 2019

What to visit in Kyiv: December 16-22

The time of celebration and magic is getting closer, and New Year's events are getting bigger.
We have compiled a selection of the most interesting and delicious events of the week.

Where to go in Kyiv?

    Winter Silpodia in Kyiv ➜ A door to a fairy tale opens on Kontraktova Square: an ice rink, a slide, games, and entertainment for parents and children, as well as a food court with tea, mulled wine and various goodies. 

    Christmas evening with a delegation of Ukrainian women at the UN 2020 ➜ Evening in the company of women leaders from Ukraine, Georgia, and Poland, who formed the Geopolitical Alliance of Women and are preparing to visit the UN with a special mission in March 2020. The program includes a light buffet and a sensual concert program with famous Ukrainian actors and musicians. 

    Cheese tasting ➜ Workshop on cooking the most famous alpine dish - fondue. Imagine how crunchy slices of bread are immersed in golden hot cheese, how it combines with Riesling, mmm ... Cheese sommelier will help to conquer this peak of gourmet food. 

    New Year's trio ➜ Cabernet Sauvignon wine tasting with the legendary Nikolai Boyko. Three different drinks from one grape variety are exclusive wines, absolutely everyone will like it, without exception. Also, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the fine wines from the historic Massandra wineries and learn more about the rules of food-cooking by combining our wines with delicious snacks. 

    A workshop on cooking healthy sweets ➜ They will cook at the workshop and then have sweets and chocolate sausage. Sweets made from natural ingredients. 

    Snowman of the Year 2019 ➜ Competition "Snowman of the Year 2019". The largest snowman in the competition will receive a prize of 5000 UAH.
    Lighting the Christmas tree in Sofia ➜ The official lighting of the Christmas tree and the performance of Druha Rika's group will take place on Sofia Square. 

    New Year's quest “Chronicles of Narnia” ➜ A special quest is being prepared for children where you need to go through the closet, learn how to shoot from bows, revive ice statues, ride a sleigh and come up with with ice cream and many other incredible adventures. 

    Festival quest "New Year's Journey" ➜ In Kyiv, a festival quest will take place, where you will find a fabulous journey through the magical worlds. 2 floors and 2500 sq. m of adventure — tests, fantastic heroes, VR-entertainments, plays, games, Christmas fortune-telling, master classes — and an award at the Residence of Santa Claus! 

    Christmas master classes on Vsi.Svoi ➜ Atmospheric master class on weaving a classic Christmas wreath of natural needles, decorated with individual decor. 

  • DECEMBER 21-22
    Gingerbread House master class ➜ Under the guidance of DGF ICS pastry chef Polina Evmenkina, young pastry chefs will create, paint and decorate fresh gingerbread blanks with their own hands, assemble a wonderful house and take all the beauty with you. 

  • DECEMBER 21-22
    The largest gift market in Kyiv ➜ 5 floors of gifts from the best Ukrainian manufacturers of dishes, textiles, home decor, clothes, jewelry, linen, books, children's toys, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories for women and men, goodies, souvenirs. There will be everything and a little more. 

    A rye market with an insider: New Year edition ➜ We are preparing to celebrate Christmas and New Year with minimal effort and cost. Duck, caviar, coniferous wreaths, root vegetables, ripe avocados, cheeses and Prosecco are not for all the money in the world. Let's talk about light but quite festive dishes and try Crimean Tatar yantki.

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