December 8, 2019

What to visit in Kyiv: December 9-15

The holiday comes to us and with it a large number of bright, funny and tasty events. Our selection for December 9-15 is already ready.

Where to go to Kyiv this week?

    How hormones affect the body ➜ How are acute stress, joy, happiness, fat burning, and skin color related? What types of stress are there and what effect do they have on the body during the fight against excess weight? Coach Valentina Rudenko will answer these questions. 

    Workshop "Best-selling desserts" ➜ Practical training in the preparation of cost-technological maps, as well as the preparation of chocolate, nut and berry-fruit cake, coconut and chocolate cookies. 

    Opening of the Christmas market ➜ Immerses yourself in a real New Year's fairy tale! Folk Ukraine invites you to celebrate New Year in the heart of the capital! 

    Christmas master classes on Vsi.Svoi ➜ Vsi.Svoi Home and Decor, along with Ukrainian creative workshops, have prepared a series of Christmas masterclasses. This Saturday, the master class is dedicated to creating a cup with a New Year's illustration, along with the creative workshop of SALT. 

  • DECEMBER 14-15
    Vsi.Svoi Kyiv's largest gift market ➜ 5 floors of gifts await you from the best Ukrainian manufacturers of dishes, textiles, home decor, clothes, jewelry, linen, books, children's toys, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories for women and men, goodies, souvenirs. 

  • DECEMBER 14-15
    Kyivness in the international center “Ukrainian House” ➜ the eighth KYIVNESS market represents more than 70 participants, including local brands, youth Instagram projects, and private collectors. Only the best, carefully selected participants are waiting for you. Particular attention is paid to collections of books, records, candles, and niche perfumes. 

    Wonder Power: superconference ➜ 6 superwomen will talk about the main business trends of the next year so that you can start in 2020 without fear and doubt! 

    Christmas tree with Mamaslet ➜ The most amazing family festival, where you can circle with confetti, jump on trampolines, draw face painting, dance at a disco, replenish family albums with pictures from New Year’s photo zones, eat sweets with flavored cocoa, draw, sculpt, play with your favorite cartoon characters and choose gifts at the big New Year's fair. Dress code: carnival costume. 

    Yule: New Year's city of magic ➜ Yule - a month of magic and miracle in a mystical park in the heart of the capital! Visitors to Yule will be able to:
    - go through a magic ritual at the temple of Strength and enchant luck for the New Year;
    - pass a magic quest and get a stone of Strength;
    - fortune telling for luck;
    - actively relax and have fun;
    - try magic drinks for character, love, wealth and fulfillment of desires.
    - enjoy delicious restaurant food at our food court;
    - visit the reception of St. Nicholas. 

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