April 22, 2021

Egypt Packing List

A trip to Egypt is the perfect option to enjoy your summer vacation after a cold and cloudy winter. This is one of the few open countries for Ukrainians, which has already learned how to provide a safe social distance for tourists under All inclusive conditions.

If you are worried about what to take with you on your vacation to Egypt, we have prepared a list of beach accessories for you.

Your luggage should always be versatile and lightweight. Especially on a beach holiday, make sure you don't have too many things. The goal is to relieve stress, not increase it.

Egypt packing list

Even if you are planning to spend your vacation on the beach and do nothing else, you should take care of the things that will make your vacation comfortable.

  • Sunscreen for face SPF 50
  • Body sunscreen SPF 30
  • After sun cream
  • Panthenol
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit
  • Beach bag
  • Good book
  • Sandals
  • T-shirts / T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Hat / cap
  • Evening wear
  • Warm sweater
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Underwear
  • Pajamas
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Hair conditioning
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush

If you are planning to go on excursions in Egypt, sightseeing or riding an ATV, your essentials for a trip to the sea in Egypt need to be expanded. You should add comfortable shoes and socks, extra toiletries, and lightweight clothing that you can fold.

Optionally, you can include a list of necessary things for a trip to Egypt:

  • Sand toys if traveling with children
  • Goggles
  • A tube
  • Towel
  • Flippers
  • Umbrella

Tourist's first aid kit

When going on a trip, do not forget about medications that will help you stay healthy and provide first aid. It should be remembered that medicine in Egypt is different from Ukrainian one. Not all of your usual medications can be bought at the pharmacy. Especially during a pandemic, you need to take all precautions. Use hand sanitizer (even after washing your hands) and bring a small first aid kit with patches, cold medicines, cough drops, nose drops, headache tablets, and absorbents.

You may also need additional personal items such as glasses, contact lenses, or allergy pills.

Supplement the already prepared list of things to Egypt with such medicines:

  • ibuprofen
  • cctivated carbon
  • atoxil
  • teraflu
  • strepsils
  • patch
  • chlorhexidine
  • panthenol
  • pills for motion sickness
  • antiseptic
  • masks

Packing list in plane hand luggage

Even if you plan to drop off your luggage, make sure you have the required travel documents in your carry-on luggage. You must always have a photo ID, passport, birth certificate for minors, insurance, credit cards and boarding passes with you.

If you have platinum cards, student IDs (or other boarding privileges), maps and travel guides, please bring them with you too.

Alternatively, you can take light clothes and shoes with you to change on the plane and go out into the heat in comfortable clothes. Bring an eye mask and earplugs with you if you want to sleep during the flight.

Depending on the time of day of your flight to Egypt, you may need toiletries such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, antiseptic, and replacement face masks. However, remember that you cannot carry aerosols, containers larger than 100 ml, piercing and cutting objects in your carry-on baggage, so make sure that you packed nail scissors, hairspray, deodorant, full-size care products in your suitcase.

To ensure that you and your children are not bored during the flight, you should take with you:

  • Laptop or tablet
  • Headphones
  • Camera
  • Electrical converters or adapters
  • Magazine and pen
  • The book
  • Hygienic lipstick
  • Water bottle (you can buy it at duty free)
  • Toys

What should you buy for a vacation in Egypt?

The shopping list before going on vacation to Egypt will be individual. Use these lists as a starting point to compile a personalized to-do list for your trip to Egypt. Think in advance about your leisure time for each day in order to make a list of things that you will definitely need in Egypt. We advise fashionistas to think over looks for every day, so as not to take anything extra.

We've prepared a pre-holiday Egypt shopping list template for you with our personalized recommendations so you don't forget anything.

Egypt vacation shopping list

Download the Costless app and edit the template to suit your needs. Using the shopping list, you can compare prices and find stores close to the items you want.

We wish you a great stay!

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