June 30, 2018

Bonuses Costless: how it works

Use the Costless mobile app while shopping and earn points for every check!

How to get points?

Go to Costless, select “Add receipt” from the menu, take a photo of the sales receipt and click “Save”.

Please observe the following conditions:

  1. Photos uploaded no later than 15 days from the date of purchase.
  2. All information on the check must be readable and fully displayed (store address, check number, name of goods).

For each position in the check, you automatically get 1 point, which is equivalent to 0.02 UAH.

In your account, the application displays the total number of accumulated points.

How to spend costless bonuses?

Go to the menu section “Costless bonuses”, click on the button “Exchange bonuses”. And select the bonus option that suits you:

  • from 10 UAH you have the opportunity to recharge on your mobile phone;
  • from 50 UAH You can choose a gift certificate with the appropriate face value in such stores as Auchan, Silpo, Cosmo, Watsons, Pharmacy Watsons, Foxtrot, Comfy, Hello, Yakaboo, Planet Cinema.

You can use points at any time convenient for you.

We want to note that the Costless bonus system is available only to registered users!

We wish you always profitable shopping with the Costless mobile app.

Install and start saving

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