December 27, 2019

How much does preparation for the New Year cost?

There are a few days before the New Year and it's time to start preparing for the celebration. Costless team decided to help you and take some of the cares onto you.

Firstly, we have already created a list of products for the New Year, follow the link and use it during shopping. Remember, Costless shopping lists can be easily created and shared with loved ones.

Secondly, we determined a place where it is more profitable to buy everything you need.
We compared the cost of New Year's product basket in the most popular supermarkets in Ukraine and found out where the best prices are.

Our comparison table clearly demonstrates that the cost* of products for the New Year's table can vary significantly.

 *in the table, we used prices for products that are in the public domain

We want to note that the average cost of a basket of products for the New Year’s table this year decreased by 25% compared to last year (a table of last year’s comparison of New Year’s prices is available here

We wish everyone a happy New Year holidays and good shopping with Costless!

List of products for the New Year's table
Prices in shops, UAH
Product Silpo Novus Auchan Metro Nash kray Tavria В
Fish, kg
Chicken kg
Salmon caviar, 130g
Baguette, 300g
Butter 82.5%, 200g
Dutch cheese, 220g
Shred, 600g
Doctor's sausage, 500g
Chicken eggs, 15 pcs.
Vacuum corn, 425ml
Mayonnaise, 300g
Herring fillet, 250g
Carrots, kg
Potato, kg
Onions, kg
Assorted vegetable groceries, 920g
Pitted olives, 300g
Semi-sweet champagne, 0.75l
Non-carbonated mineral water, 1,5l
Orange juice, 0.95l
Non-alcoholic sweet water, 2l
Black tea, 25pcs
Ground coffee, 250g
Candy, 252g
Cookies, 150g
Mandarin, kg
Bananas, kg
Apple, kg
Lemons, kg

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