May 30, 2019

How much will a picnic cost for Ukrainians?

Picnic season is in full swing and it's time to find out where to buy products for a picnic is more profitable. And also how the prices of goods have changed compared to last year.

So, we have compiled a standard list of products for a picnic, which includes meat, vegetables and fruits, bread and sauces, drinks and so on.


Then compared how the average cost of some products from the list changed in 2019 compared to 2018, for example:

  • pork kebab - the price per kilogram increased by 17% (was 113.43 UAH., became 133.32 UAH.),
  • hunting sausages - the price per kilogram increased by 3.6% (was UAH 271.42, became UAH 281.36),
  • tomatoes - the price per kilogram decreased by 3% (was 46.6 UAH., became 45.3 UAH.),
  • radish - the price per kilogram decreased by 48% (was 39.45 UAH., became 20.57 UAH.),
  • lavash - the price for 220 g increased by 22% (was 11.73 UAH., became 14.36 UAH.).

This year we made a more extensive list of products for a picnic and added an overview of prices by regional networks.


Also in the COSTLESS application there are templates with lists of products for a picnic for every taste - with meat, with fish, for vegetarians, for people who adhere to proper nutrition or are planning a romantic picnic. Using ready-made templates or personally created product lists, you save yourself from the danger of forgetting to buy something important!

And now we offer to see our review of prices*  for products for a picnic.

*all prices listed in the table were taken from open sources - corporate sites of supermarkets and relevant to the date of the review.

Picnic price review
Prices in shops, UAH
Product Novus Auchan Metro Furshet Fozzy Obzhora Nash kray Tavria В
Chilled pork shashlik, kg
Sausages Hunting, kg
BBQ sauce, 250g
Mayonnaise Delicious, 300-350g
Armenian Lavash, 220g
Suluguni cheese, 250g
Baguette French, 300-350g
Tomatoes, kg
Cucumbers, kg
Bulgarian pepper, kg
Radishes, kg
Green onions, 70-100g
Sour cream 20%, 350g
Ungassed water, 1,5l
Orange juice, 1.93l
Apples Golden, kg
Bananas, kg
Light beer, 1.25l
Napkins, 100pcs
Wet wipes, 60 pcs
Paper Plates, 10 pcs
Glasses of paper, 10 pcs
Disposable forks, 10pcs
Matches, pack
Charcoal, 2-2.5 kg

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