March 31, 2021

Newborn shopping list

The birth of a child is always an exciting moment in the life of every family. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for the baby’s birth and not forget to buy everything you need for the baby’s first days.

Let's open a secret - everything you need for a baby in the first days of life: diapers, a place to sleep, and diapers. However, we are not living in the Stone Age. Therefore, we offer a list of necessary things for a baby that will facilitate your parenting work.

This article will give recommendations on choosing the right things and what to look for when buying.

Use this shopping list as a template. You can remove unnecessary items from the list and create your list of necessary items for your newborn in the first month, saving time and money.

Baby clothes

  • Children's clothing sizes are sorted by age. However, you shouldn't buy everything for a newborn right away. Children grow up quickly, so you should have a size or two larger in stock.
  • Choose soft, comfortable, quality clothing. Children's clothing must withstand frequent washings. Do not take clothes with hanging ties, tassels, and ribbons - this is hazardous to your health.

Choose organic baby clothes without harsh dyes and potentially harmful chemicals. Use a mild, child-friendly laundry detergent to prevent skin irritation.

  • Slippers (2-3 pieces). Choose sleepers that are suitable for both sleep and play. Look for ones with a zip at the front and along the leg - they provide easy access for changing diapers.
  • Sliders (2-3 pieces). It is best to buy a romper with an elastic waistband. These sliders fit easily over the diaper and stretch as you gain weight.
  • Undershirts (3-4 pieces). Choose undershirts made of soft fabrics that are easy to open.
  • Body (3-4 pieces). Buy different styles: long and short sleeves.
  • Outerwear (3-4 pieces). Depending on the season, you will need outerwear. These can be fleece jackets and sweatshirts, winter overalls. Buy more oversized items to keep your baby comfortable.
  • Caps (2 pieces). For summer, you need a lightweight bonnet. For colder seasons, choose warm articles that cover your ears.
  • Socks or booties (5-7 pieces). Choose inexpensive newborn socks as the baby's foot proliferates. You will probably need to buy a new pair frequently.


  • Diapers. You will probably need 10 to 12 diapers a day in the first month of life. We recommend buying several different types at once if certain types irritate your child's skin or are not suitable.
  • Diaper rash wipes and cream. The unscented wipes will not irritate your baby's skin. It is also worth having a good diaper rash cream on hand.
  • Scissors or nail clippers. The kid needs to trim or carefully file off his nails so that he does not scratch himself. Get unique models from children's stores.
  • Powder or gel for washing baby clothes. Children's clothes and underwear should be cleaned with unique products that will not cause allergic reactions and irritations.
  • First aid kit. The minimum set should always be in your first-aid kit: hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green for treating the navel, iodine, cotton pads, and cotton swabs, sterile cotton wool, a children's thermometer.
  • Bath foam. Buy unique products designed for newborns without surfactants and chemical additives. Since this is a consumable that quickly runs out, you can safely choose products by age, without fear that the baby will grow up and you will not have time to use it.
  • Bath towel (2 pieces). Your baby will need their towel for bathing. It is better to choose the most significant size so that it is comfortable to wrap the baby. Take 2 towels at once so that you have time to wash after each bath.
  • Soft sponge.

Furniture, transport, and household items

  • Baby cot and mattress. A special transforming playpen for children is best suited, which will serve you for several years. You can install your baby's playpen next to the bed to make it easier to feed in the middle of the night and change diapers.
  • Bed. Bed linen should be made of natural hypoallergenic material that is highly breathable, absorbs moisture, and retains heat. When choosing which bedding for newborns is best, consider the safety of the design of individual sets. They should not have buttons and other elements that the child can swallow. Also, pay attention to the seams. They should be almost invisible, internal, so as not to irritate the baby's skin.
  • Stock up on lots of sheets that will fit snugly against your mattress. There should be no foreign objects in the crib, in the form of bedspreads, blankets, toys. It is fraught with suffocation in a dream.
  • Stroller. A stroller is a mandatory attribute for a newborn. Today there are many types: walking, modular, transformers, cradle stroller, and many others. It does not mean that you need everything. It is better to choose a universal model that is suitable for all seasons and occasions. Take this issue seriously, contact consultants for help, study information on the Internet, and review the owners.
  • Baby changing table. In the first month of a baby's life, you will have to change diapers frequently. The changing table will make this task easier for you. Some parents use a unique changing pillow on the dresser.
  • Bath. Until the navel heals, you will exclusively wipe the baby with a damp sponge. After that, you will need a baby bathtub. Make sure the bath you purchased is suitable for newborn babies. We advise you to choose a universal model with a special insert for bathing newborns.
  • Bath thermometer. You need water at 37 °C for comfortable bathing of a newborn child. To do this, you need a special thermometer that will measure the temperature. Better to give preference to electronic models.


Bottle. Some pediatricians do not recommend giving a bottle in the first month of a baby's life. However, if for some reason you cannot breastfeed. The best option for the first bottle is between 100 and 200 ml.

Breast pump. There are manual, electric, autonomous breast pumps. You can choose a good breast pump for every budget. A breast pump is essential for expressing excess breast milk, which you can store in the refrigerator and feed your baby as needed.

Bottlebrush, dishwashing gel with appropriate labeling. Make sure that you use only hypoallergenic products for baby dishes without harmful chemical additives.

Bottle warmer and sterilizer. These devices are helpful if you are expressing milk or formula feeding your baby. Often the sterilizer and heater are biased into one unit.

Nice-to-have things for a newborn

  • Sling. It has a lot in common with the textiles used by women in Africa. They were the inspiration for the creator of the first fabric carrier in 1965. So, your baby can snuggle up to you, and you will have two free hands to go about your business.
  • Stroller raincoat. This transparent plastic cover covers the stroller and protects the baby from wind and rain.
  • Car seat and sun curtain in the car. If you drive a car and plan to take your child with you on trips, these two accessories must be in your arsenal from the first days of your life.
  • Baby monitor. An optional but handy gadget allows you to monitor your child while you are in another room or even away from home. You can choose a basic audio model or a more expensive video monitor.
  • Festive clothing. You may need one or two outfits for holiday events like New Years’, Halloween, photoshoot outfits. Since it is difficult to predict in advance what size your child will wear, you may want to postpone shopping for holiday clothes until an event comes up.
  • Footwear. The tiny shoes are adorable. However, there is no need to buy authentic hard-soled shoes during the first year of your baby's life. Some experts recommend waiting until your child learns to walk.
  • Hair accessories. Completely optional but such a charming addition. Even if your child has almost no hair, a beautiful headband or bow will touch everyone around. However, make sure the hair accessory is not too tight or scratched.
  • Mobile. It is not an essential commodity. However, if you want to add some toys from the first days of your baby's life, then the mobile is a great option. As a rule, it is suspended above the crib and is out of reach of the baby's hands, ensuring its safety. There are a vast number of models on the market for every taste and wallet. We recommend choosing a multi-colored mobile with different animal harnesses.
  • Rattles. For all ages, a rattle remains an actual toy for a newborn child. A baby up to two months watches the toy in the hands of his parents. He is attracted by the noise emanating from it and the bright appearance. Thus, vision, perception of sounds in space, and attention develop, the child learns concentration. The main requirement for a rattle is safety.
  • Electronic balance. In the first years of life, you need to monitor the baby’s health and development carefully. This accessory will be handy for premature babies and babies with different physiological characteristics. And smart versions will allow you to additionally measure body parameters and monitor all data using the application.
  • Rocking chair or rocking center. Such a device can make life easier for parents in the first month. There are many different options with hanging toys, music, and vibration. Choose the option that suits your baby's weight and size.
  • Night light. The night light has a dim light, which is enough for a midnight feeding. Besides, this accessory will come in handy when the child grows up, and it will be calmer for him to fall asleep with the light on.
  • White noise generator or music player. White noise or soothing music has a beneficial effect on the child's nervous system and soothes him. It will help the baby fall asleep faster.
  • Air humidifier / purifier. A humidifier is a salvation during the heating season when the air in the house is too dry. Pediatricians recommend installing humidifiers in the nursery so that the child is comfortable in the room. Also, it is an excellent prevention against colds and allergic reactions.

Preparing for the birth of a child is always an inspiring moment. With our newborn baby clothes list, you can relax a bit and be sure to buy everything you need.

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