July 26, 2018

Now your list of products for a week is always at hand.

Creating a list of products is a great way to be a winner! Let's think, you save time and money, exclude the possibility of impulsive purchases and reduce the chances of forgetting to buy what was planned. Of course, it often happens that you write a list of products responsibly but forget it at home ... And at best, you buy half of the products from memory, and from another half, something usually goes wrong. Basket for products somehow unnoticed filled with extra goodies and absolutely unplanned goods.


We know, we understand, we are the same. And therefore, to help both ourselves and the people, the Costless team has supplemented the application with the ability to create a list of the right products.


With Costless you can create any, even the most budgeted list of products for a week.


Now you can just go into the application and create your list of products for a week. Add there all the products you need, indicating the desired brand, weight and quantity of goods.


Creating a list of products, you can call it according to the content, for example, "list of products for proper nutrition" or "list of protein products", and fill with the goods you need, with the possibility of further editing or removal. When buying a product, simply mark it in the list, and when you have purchased everything that you planned, save the list in the purchase history by clicking the "Archive" button.


If necessary, you can use any archived list again. This function is ideal for a list of a particular type of products or place of purchase. For example, it can be dairy products, a list of household chemicals or goods from the market.


Sure, you will be pleased with the fact that created shopping lists can be sent to friends, both in the application (for this purpose the addressee on the smartphone must have our application installed), and through any messenger.


Buying according to the list, your basket with products will be filled with really necessary goods, and the process of purchases will be more easy and thrifty.

Install and start saving

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