July 26, 2018

Now your list of products for a week is always at hand.

One of the main secrets of buying favorite products, while spending less and throwing away less is shopping lists.

And using shopping lists with Costless is also super convenient.

First, you can independently create the necessary list of products, naming it appropriately (the list of useful products, the list of ingredients for borscht, the products for the week, etc.). The created list can be shared with loved ones and ticked purchased products.

Secondly, you can use already prepared templates with product lists or your own list again.

By creating a shopping list, you can write just general product names or specify the exact brand, volume, and quantity. This option greatly simplifies the process of shopping and helps to avoid unnecessary products in the basket.


How to create and use lists?

To create a new list, go to the application menu, select “Shopping lists”, click “Create a new shopping list”. Come up with a suitable name for the list and add the necessary goods.

To share the created list of products, go to this list, click the button in the upper right corner and select “Share in Costless” or “Share list in message”.

You also have the option to save the list to reuse it. To do this, click on the button in the upper right corner to select "Archive".

And to find a supermarket with the best price offer and/or location, select the appropriate option to “Find a grocery store” or “Compare prices.”


What to do with list templates?

We created templates with lists of products for different purposes, for example, products for the New Year's table, products for a picnic, a list of household goods, and more. You can use the one that suits your needs at a particular moment.

We advise you to keep your list at hand when buying groceries in the supermarket in order to buy everything planned and at the same time avoid impulsive purchases, even at the most reasonable prices.

Mark in the application the goods that have already been purchased and upon the completion of all items, the shopping list will be automatically saved in the application archive. This will give you the opportunity to reuse this list if necessary.


We wish you always a pleasant and profitable shopping with Costless!

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