July 31, 2018

What body hygiene kit is not worth sharing with anyone?

All of you know and, sure, observe the rules of personal hygiene. And the rule "wash your hands before eating", probably, is transmitted already at the genetic level. But if we talk about the soap itself, is everything so safe? We got clean hands, but what's happening with the cleanliness of the soap? We have found the answer to this question and are ready to share it with you.

First of all, let's start with the fact that for good reason hygiene items are called "personal" and must be applied accordingly. Of course, we know perfectly well that we do not need to share your toothbrush with someone even the most beloved. But the list is not limited to a toothbrush, razor or washcloth. There are a number of items that are best used alone:

1. Soap. It perfectly cleanses our skin by separating germs from its surface. But after each application, both innocuous and viral microbes remain on the bar of soap. In addition, the soap is stored on a wet stand, and moisture promotes the multiplication of bacteria and fungus.

Advice: we use a separate soap for personal hygiene and always before use wash soap under running water to wash off the upper "microbial" layer.


2. Toothpaste. It certainly is not one toothbrush for two, but still. When you squeeze the paste touch the tube to the toothbrush, the bacteria located on it move to the tube and then migrate to the toothbrushes of other people.

Advice: Do not touch the toothbrush with a tube.


3. Cream in the jar. Each time when you take your fingers of cream, mousse or scrub, we do not know but there get germs. These bacteria get on the face and body of a person who uses the cosmetic remedy after us. Experts say that this is how bacteria are transmitted, which can cause acne.

Advice: for a strong need, you can use cotton buds, cosmetic wooden spatula, the main thing is to make sure that no one climbs into the jar with his fingers.


4. Towel. The smell that occurs after several uses of a towel is nothing but bacteria or fungus. A damp towel is a favorite place for microbes. Such a towel is a peddler of the fungus, bacteria, provoking acne.

Advice: do not share your towel with a familiar, dry well and wash it in time (preferably after every 4-5 use of towels).


5. Scissors or nippers. These tools are used in places on the human body, where bacteria, fungi are actively accumulating. Even externally healthy nails can carry a potential danger.

Advice: wipe the scissors with alcohol after each use, but it's best when everyone has their own.


We are sure that our advice will help you to save health for you and your loved ones.


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