March 13, 2020

This is important for every consumer!

The best way to protect yourself from problems and troubles while shopping is a clear knowledge of your rights as a consumer. Therefore, we have prepared a memo for you on how to protect and defend your rights.

You have the right to receive the most complete product information before the time of purchase. We advise you to pay attention to information on the content of substances harmful to health, the presence of genetically modified components in food, etc.

The exchange/return term for the product is 14 days, excluding the day of purchase.

The list of necessary documents for the return of products:

  • oral or written request;
  • a sales receipt with a specified date of purchase;
  • if there is a warranty period — a document with a mark on the date of sale.

But not all purchased items can be returned to the seller.

Items that are not exchangeable or refundable

Foodstuffs food, drinks, alcohol, baby food, tobacco


medicines, medical instruments, devices and equipment

Non-grocery goods


  • toothbrushes, wipes, cotton wool, combs, wigs
  • goods for newborns (feeding bottles, nipples, etc.)
  • cosmetics, perfumes, shaving apparatus, aerosol products
  • manicure and pedicure tools
  • hosiery, underwear, gloves
  • bedding, feather-down products
  • children's toys (soft, rubber, inflatable)
  • jewelry

You can return the medicine, but if you have the expertise that confirms the inappropriate quality. Expertise can be done in state laboratories for free!

If during the exchange the store does not have the goods you need, then you can:

  • choose another product recounting the cost;
  • get the right product when it will be in the store;
  • receive money for returned goods.

Algorithm for receiving money for returning goods?

  1. Write a statement addressed to the store manager with a request for a refund.
  2. Return the goods while maintaining the integrity of the packaging.
  3. Provide a purchase receipt.

How long to wait for a refund?

You will receive money immediately upon returning the purchase.
Returns are carried out in the same way as payment for the goods (on the card or in cash).

And a little bonus from the Costless team — a few words about consumer rights in cafes and restaurants:

  1. You have every right to ask to replace the dish or not to pay for it due to the presence of foreign objects or if the dish is too salted.
  2. If you are already full, you can safely refuse a dish if it hasn’t already prepared for it.
  3. If the dish was not served on time, you have the right to refuse or pay less.
  4. If you do not have enough money to pay the bill, you can leave an identity card and an acknowledgment in which you are obligated to pay the debt on time.
  5. If you broke the dishes, then you need to pay for it. Payment is made by the piece, and not for the entire set.

We wish your purchases to always be successful and profitable together with Costless.

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