October 27, 2019

What to visit in Kiev: October 28-November 3

A new week, and therefore new events that are worth visiting.

We compile a selection of the most interesting events on the subject of food, health, leisure and reasonable consumption.

Here's what we recommend visiting this week in Kiev:

  • OCTOBER 29
    Theater of Food ➜ Destruction of taste stereotypes

  • OCTOBER 30
    Ranok-panok with Marіyu Shevchenko ➜ breakfast in the company of specialists in creative fields. This time we will focus on the development of products as a project and product management, as well as a UX specialist.

  • OCTOBER 30
    Wine school. USA ➜ USA is one of the largest wine producers in the world. So, there will be something to talk about over a glass.

  • OCTOBER 31
    How to create new tastes using spices from around the world ➜ culinary master class, where you will learn how to use spices and essential oils. You will understand what spices to give an Asian, Japanese, Georgian, American, Moroccan or Israeli flavor to your dish.

  • OCTOBER 31
    Long-livers' diets: myths and realities ➜ a lecture where you can find out what long-livers eat in different parts of the world, about experiments on the effect of nutrition on lifespan, is it true that vegetarianism is more useful than meat-eating, and much more.

  • NOVEMBER 1-6
    TRASH Eco-project ➜ Exhibition of young artists dedicated to global cataclysms caused by technical and industrial progress.

  • NOVEMBER 2-3 
    Ulichnaya eda. SCARY FOOD ➜ The program includes a zombie race, Market 3.1 with scary cool costumes, a room of fear, a costume contest and a children's room with face painting.

  • NOVEMBER 2-3 
    Vsi.Svoi: Alcomarket ➜ craft honey-beer, white-red wines of all dryness and humidity, apple-melon ciders, heart-soul-liver balms, magic elixirs and of course, appetizers corresponding to the drink.

    International Vegan Day ➜ a special scientific and entertainment event for the International Vegan Day. Chat, meet new people and enjoy vegan food.

    International planting of trees on Gorka Christer ➜ planting already mature oaks and beech trees more than 2 meters high.
    Ice cream workshop ➜ Massimo Gelarty will tell you all the secrets of making real natural and delicious ice cream.

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