March 12, 2019

Price review: how much is chocolate?

Comparison is an important thing, it helps to appreciate the object of choice, and in our case, also to buy at the best price.

This time we did a review of the cost of sweets for you. But before we go to specific numbers and amounts, let's speculate which chocolate is more useful than dark or white? Many will categorically answer: "Well, of course black!". But is it all clear?

Yes, dark chocolate has long proved its superiority over the “brethren” (milk and white chocolate) and benefits to the body. One of the important indicators is that regular consumption of chocolate reduces the risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases in general, by 23%! Also, drinking about 40 grams of dark chocolate helps reduce anxiety and emotional stress in a person.

What are our arguments for white chocolate? First of all, due to the presence of milk in its composition, white chocolate is a source of calcium. Due to the absence of cocoa beans in the composition of cocoa - and therefore caffeine - the product is great for people sensitive to caffeine or other ingredients of dark chocolate.

And yet (it was unexpected for us), white chocolate is not toxic for dogs and cats due to the low cocoa content (theobromine), a high percentage of cocoa in dark chocolate can kill a small dog.

But you know that whatever type of chocolate you would prefer, the main thing is that the product was of high quality! We told about how to choose and store chocolate in a recent article “The whole truth about the production of real chocolate”.

And now let's go back to the cost of chocolate. We took the most common chocolate products that can be found in any supermarket in Kiev and compared their cost. We invite you to read about where and what is more profitable to buy.

Such retail chains as Fozzy, Novus, Auchan, Metro, Furshet and Silpo take part in our review. To make it easier to compare the cost each of goods, we placed all the data in the table:

* Please note that this amount is specified without taking into account two compared products from our list!

Information about the cost of products we took from open sources and official sites of stores.

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