November 5, 2018

Review of prices on healthy food supplements

Spices and flavorings are more than just a good way to give a special taste or flavor to products, it is also a great opportunity to further enrich the dish with useful substances and vitamins. Many spices, in fact, are valued precisely for their beneficial properties and only then by their taste.

And the cold season and the autumn depression are, perhaps, the best reason to bring special flavor charm and benefits into your everyday dishes. That is why we have prepared for you an overview of prices for the most common flavorings that can be purchased at any supermarket in your city.

We have already written about the benefits of flax seeds and hemp seeds (if you missed this material, rather go to link). Do you know where to buy flax seeds in Kiev at the most affordable price? After all, the price of flax seeds in Kiev supermarkets varies from 5.73 UAH up to 16.99 UAH (the price is for 100g of the product of the same brand).

And you can buy sesame seeds, for example, for 21.49 UAH, or for 32.37 UAH for 150g of product. There is a difference, agree!


Where to buy healthy supplements at a bargain price?

We prepared a review of the cost of products (or their analogues) in the most popular stores in Kiev (Auchan, Metro, Novus, Fozzy and Furshet). The prices used in the table were taken from the official sites of the respective supermarkets.

We are confident that our review will help you choose the best and most profitable place for your purchases.


We would also like to dwell in more detail on several additives that have a positive effect on human health:


1. Turmeric. Its beneficial and healing properties are scientifically proven and proven over thousands of years of use in Indian culture.

Turmeric contains curcumin, which, along with vitamins and minerals, supports the body’s natural counter processes with various inflammations.

According to studies that were devoted to the study of natural products and spices that have a positive effect on the preservation, protection and enhancement of immunity, show that turmeric is one of the best products for enhancing immunity and eliminating inflammatory processes.

Feel free to use turmeric in your daily diet. The only thing, please adhere to the daily quota of consumption - no more than one teaspoon.


2. Walnut oil. The use of walnut helps reduce cholesterol and, consequently, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, this oil has a positive effect on improving the health of blood vessels.

In the Journal of Nutrition published the results of the study, with the information that even a single consuming of walnut oil has a positive effect on vascular health.

Also, walnut oil, thanks to its melatonin content, helps fight insomnia and ensure good sleep.

By consuming walnut oil in 2-3 hours after dinner, you can help cleanse the liver, bile ducts and restore the gastric mucosa.


3. Cinnamon. It has medicinal properties. Cinnamon essential oil has antibacterial and antifungal effects. Spice contains an antioxidant such as polyphenol, which helps protect the body against various viruses and diseases.

Cinnamon extract is used to treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. And according to ayurveda, cinnamon oil is an active ingredient to correct digestive imbalance. Cinnamon in the form of heat drives the blood well and helps to saturate the body with oxygen.

There are many types of cinnamon, but to ensure the benefits to the body, the freshness of spices plays a decisive role!


Feel free to experiment with spices, new flavors and the right ingredients will help make each meal more interesting and healthier.


We wish you a bright spicy autumn and bargain shopping with Costless!

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