March 24, 2020

In Borispol, you can now order products online

Great news for all residents of Boryspil!

Use the Costless mobile app to order the necessary products for home delivery.

You no longer need to risk your own health and go to the store, stand in lines, carry heavy packages, or leave the house during the quarantine. Order everything you need in the Costless mobile app.

How to make an online order quickly?

  1. Open the Costless application (or download the application by clicking on the link
  2. Click on the “Online Shopping" menu*
  3. Choose Spar Express Store
  4. Add to the basket all the goods you need (the minimum order amount is 100 UAH)
  5. Choose a delivery method: by courier (indicating your address) or pickup
  6. Choose a payment method: cash or POS terminal
  7. Place your order and wait for it to complete.
*for registration online order registration in the application is required!

Recall that in Costless online ordering is available in other cities.

  • Kiev

products and household goods in the Napoli store

Freshly roasted coffee at Pro.Kavu Shop

  • Odessa and Odessa region

supermarket chain "Glutton"

We wish you a safe and profitable shopping with the Costless mobile app.

Install and start saving

Download the app for free and use all the Costless features.