April 14, 2020

Easter cake for every child

Do good even while sitting at home!
On the eve of Easter, Costless together with "" And "Bread Master" launched the action "Easter cake for every child."

We will celebrate Easter 2020 even in quarantine with warmth and joy for all.

Therefore, until April 16, 2020, join the action, buy a charity Easter Cake, which will be sent to the orphanage:

- buy Easter Cake in and help the Orphanage No. 1 for orphans in Dnipro
- buy Easter Cake at the Breadmaster and help the Darnitsky orphanage in Kyiv

The cost of one Easter Cake is 50 UAH. The number of charitable Easter cakes is not limited!

How to buy a charity Easter cake?

  1. Use the Costless mobile app.
  2. Click on the menu item “Online purchases”.
  3. Select the appropriate store - “” For the Dnieper and “Bread Master” for Kyiv.
  4. Click on the image of the basket near the store name.
  5. Select the desired number of Easter cakes.
  6. Pay the total amount of the order online.

On April 18, the Costless team will transfer all the collected Easter cakes to orphanages and provide a photo report on social networks.

In addition, through Costless you can make an online order for Easter cakes for yourself and your loved ones.
To do this, in the "Online Shopping" menu section, select one of the following stores:

- Madame Josy
- Bread master

Choose and order easter cakes that you like most.

We wish you a delicious Easter and always profitable shopping with Costless.

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