October 24, 2018

Flax and hemp seeds: what is their use and is there any harm?

Recently, it has become very popular to monitor your health, eat right, live in the style of healthy lifestyles. And you have probably noticed that flax seeds have become particularly popular. We decided to find out if this is really such a useful product, as say, or is it just a flavoring and marketing ploy?!

Irina Kostyushko, the owner of the agricultural company Zorya, told us about all the intricacies of the choice and use of flax seeds and hemp seeds, and most importantly about the real benefits of these products. Sit back will be useful!


Costless: The use of flax seeds in food is gaining popularity. And what is the main benefit of this product?

Irina: First of all, it is a natural source of omega-3 and omega-6 (essential polyunsaturated fatty acids), which are so important for joint health, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, lowering bad cholesterol in the blood, improving eyesight, and also have a beneficial effect on the state skin and hair. These acids in the human body are not produced on their own, but only from food.

In addition, the seeds contain a high content of lignans - unique plant fibers that have an antioxidant effect, helping to halt the aging process, maintain hormonal balance, and estrogenic properties that help reduce the risk of cancer and improve health.

In flax seeds, the content of lignans is 800 times more than in other plant products! (Editor's note)

Another important component of the seed is fiber (soluble and insoluble). The first is rich in pectin and well saturated. The second helps the body get rid of cholesterol and speed up the process of removing food from the digestive tract.

In addition, the flax seeds contain vitamins B and E, as well as various useful minerals (iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, and others).


С.: How to choose and store flaxseeds?

I.: Now flaxseeds are available in supermarkets in whole or grind grain. But I advise you to buy whole seeds. First, only in this form, the product retains all the useful properties. Secondly, it helps to avoid the presence of foreign substances or debris, which are so often present in crushed flax seed packages.

When buying seeds, it is important to examine the packaging - it must be completely sealed. It is also good if you can see the appearance of the product itself. But most importantly, pay attention to the date of harvest, which should not exceed 1 year.

It is best to store flax seeds in whole grain, placing them in a jar with a well-closed lid in a dark and dry place.

How to eat hemp and flax seeds correctly

С.: In what form is it better to eat flax seeds? And can they be heat treated?

I.: In order for the seeds to bring maximum benefit to your body, it is best to use them in a freshly grind form!

Long-term interaction of ground seeds with oxygen destroys the beneficial substances contained in them. The permissible shelf life of the crushed seed is 3 days in a container with a tightly closed lid.

Crushed seeds can be added to prepared slightly cooled food (high temperature adversely affects the properties of the product). Also, for example, I like to pour freshly grind seeds with warm water overnight and in the morning drink the resulting liquid on an empty stomach - this is good for cleansing the body. The rate of intake of flaxseeds is 1 tablespoon (grind) per day. This portion provides a portion of protein and omega-3, as well as about 3 g of fiber (8-12% of the daily intake).

Eating whole flax seeds (with kefir, in a salad or porridge) your body does not get anything useful, because in this form the product is simply not absorbed.


C.: Tell us about the benefits of hemp seeds?

I.: Hemp seeds and flax seeds are similar in composition, they differ in the proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, it is in the seeds of hemp that the proportions Omega-3 and Omega-6 are ideal for fixation them in full (namely, 1:3). Hemp also contains a large amount of vegetable protein, which plays an important role in the structure of muscles and can be a worthy replacement for vegetarians and people who do not eat fixation.


C.: In what form and how often can you eat cannabis seeds?

I.: The recommendations for use are the same: freshly ground and without heat treatment.

Plus, hemp seeds in their taste - have a nutty flavor, unlike flax, which has a bitter taste.

Eating can and should be every day because your body needs a portion of protein and omega constantly.


C.: Are there any restrictions on the consumption of flax or hemp seeds for children?

I.: In general, there is no limit for flax or hemp seeds, except as individual intolerance, although in practice I haven’t met with this.

But I have a medical education, and in my work, I also adhere to the principle “do no harm”. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you consult with a pediatrician, and only after approval adds seeds to the baby’s diet.


C.: Can we call flax and hemp seeds domestic superfoods?

I.: This is a real superfood because in a small volume of the product there is a large number of substances useful for the body.

And our company was the first in the territory of Ukraine, which began to massively sell organic flax and hemp seeds. Although initially, I began to grow flax seeds for my own use, since it was impossible to find them on the shelves of Ukrainian stores. The first harvest was used by my family, and the rest was sold out among my acquaintances. The next time the situation repeated itself and then I realized that it was worth thinking about high-grade production.


C.: Especially for the 2018 International Flax Festival, your company released a limited batch of linseed and hemp oil. What are the features of the choice and use of these products? And do you plan to produce oil on a regular basis?

I.: A limited batch was needed so that we could test the product and take into account the wishes of the consumer. We are satisfied with the result and now we are launching mass production. We pay a lot of attention to manufacturing technology because it is very important to reduce and ideally eliminate the interaction of the product with oxygen. As for the properties of the oil, they are very close in their benefits to the use of seeds. Here, rather, the question of alternative use of the product. When choosing hemp oil or flax oil, it is important to consider the fact that the product should be in a darkened glass bottle - the direct rays of the sun adversely affect the composition. Store oil at home should be subject to the same conditions.


We would like to emphasize once again that the reception of high-quality products and the correct methods of their storage directly affect your health! And with the help of Costless you can always find the most profitable place for your purchases.

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