April 23, 2020

How to increase retail sales during quarantine in Ukraine?

Quarantine and toughening of rules to visit grocery stores caused a decline in offline sales. This is quite an explanatory fact, people prefer to sit at home, and many queues at the entrance to the supermarket are simply pushed away from shopping.

The consumer wants to avoid or maximize the time spent in the store to protect himself from the possibility of infection with COVID-19 and unnecessary stress.

However, those brands that have been able to quickly adapt to the situation are talking about the incredible growth of online orders. For example, the service shared information that the number of orders increased by 80% during the first days of quarantine. There was no such jump in online food sales even during the New Year holidays. Glovo delivery couriers confirm the surge in popularity of online orders in grocery stores.

But in order to get a lot of orders, we need to react quickly and choose the right paths of development.

How to sell food online?

There are two effective options for how to store and even increase sales:

  1. Pre-order products and goods. It gives the buyer the opportunity to form a basket with the necessary products online, and then in due time to come to the store and pick up the ready order, often, even bypassing the queue.
  2. Online ordering of products and goods. It helps the buyer to order and get all the necessary products without leaving home. No need to go to the store, queue up, and carry heavy packs.

And here the question arises of a platform where the remote sale of food could be easily implemented. After all, before the onset of the coronavirus epidemic, many grocery stores did not have their own internet sites, and in truth, did not see a particular need for it and did not try to figure out how to sell food on the Internet. Now the sale of products on the Internet is a full-fledged alternative sales channel, with the opportunity to increase revenue and attract new customers. But to build an online store takes time and money, and this is a loss now.

How to open an online grocery store?

To quickly launch an online order, you need to choose a quality marketplace. The main requirements of which - a simple ordering process for the user and comfortable interaction of the store with the customer.

The Costless mobile app can be the marketplace for your store or network of stores. Starting your own grocery online store is possible in just a few days - to enter into an agreement with Costless, to integrate the IT solutions of the store and marketplace, to hire couriers - and you can start!

What are the features and main advantages of the service?

  1. The number of users on iOS and Android platforms is constantly growing, which means that your store will be available on every smartphone, and the number of buyers will constantly increase.
  2. In just a few clicks, the user forms a basket with the products he needs and prepares / orders in your store.
  3. You get all the information you need to complete your order and increase sales right now.
  4. The user will know about all the current promotions of your store.
  5. You will be able to have direct contact with the customer thanks to push notifications, including personalized ones.
  6. You will have special access to view analytics, as well as the ability to create advertising campaigns, promotions, update the range, and more.
  7. Your client no longer needs to adjust during shop operation, he can easily make an order at any time convenient for him and from anywhere in Ukraine. 

But that's not all! The service fee is the percentage approved by you for orders made through the Costless app, no subscription fees, or additional payments.

In fact, you get your own mobile app tomorrow, without having to spend time and money on development and testing.

Online ordering is no longer a luxury but a necessity!

Install and start saving

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