August 31, 2018

Tips: How to choose real Italian products in a supermarket?

Is it possible to be indifferent to Italian cuisine? A variety of snacks and sauces, all kinds of pasta and pizza, desserts, and drinks - will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. For a quality and really tasty dish, ingredients play a big role. Fortunately, in Ukraine, you can also buy original Italian products. And about how to choose the right products from Italy and do not fall for a fake tells the product manager of the Napoli store - Danilchenko Marina.


Costless: Tell us how to distinguish the original from a fake?

Marina: The main criterion is the price. If the price is lower by 30-40%, most likely it is a fake. For example, coffee Lavazza ORO 1 kg can not cost less than 380 UAH. (this is at best wholesale price for large volumes), and on OLX you can easily find at a price of 160 UAH. This product is 100% fake!

I am glad that there are not many falsifications in our market. The most common is coffee Lavazza. Sometimes there are funds for washing Ariel 5.7 liters and once it was noticed a forgery of Spaghetti Barilla.

The presence on the packaging of Italian products abbreviations: DOP and IGP (the main ones) STG, IGT, DOC, DOCG - is considered a guarantee of quality.

Also check the barcode, the product manufactured in Italy, the barcode will begin at 80-83 (editor's note).


C: The eternal question: how to choose the right regular pasta, what we need to pay attention to the packaging?

M: According to the rules, the paste is prepared from durum wheat. And in Italy, at the legislative level, the production of paste only from hard varieties is approved. So, the main thing is to make sure that the paste is really made in Italy. But of course, there are market leaders: Barilla, Agnesi, Divella.


С: What about rice choice for risotto?

M: Rice for risotto should be more starchy and sticky than for example for pilaf, as a rule, this rice has a more rounded, rather than oblong form.

The content of amylopectin (starch, which is located on the grain) makes the dish creamy. And amylose (starch inside the grain) helps to keep the grain of rice "al dente".

For risottos, rice varieties such as Arborio, Carnaroli and Vialone nano are often used. The latter two taste more refined and delicate (editor's note).


C: And how to choose and store mozzarella?

M: Mozzarella is a cheese with a very short shelf life (5-10 days), unfortunately, that's why we have a very small assortment of this wonderful cheese. A couple of brands are imported to Ukraine. In any case, it is important to check the expiration date when buying: it can not be very large. Keep the cheese at home after opening the package is in the refrigerator and only in its own brine, no more than 2-3 days.


C: What are the most popular products in your store (they say that when people come to Italy, they often look for prosecco and mozzarella)

M: In our shop are popular cheese, pasta, prosciutto, wine, chocolate, coffee, and sauces.


C: How do you select brands for your store? At one time Lavazza coffee was very popular, and what are the popular brands now?

M: Product proposals is a complicated question and it's a permanent job because it's important to find a balance between quality, price, and demand. When we want to expand the assortment, then, as a rule, we buy a small batch of new goods for us, taste it yourself, make mailings among regular customers, and collect feedback. Based on this we make a decision.

And as for coffee, Lavazza remains one of the best coffee in the mass market segment and holds the leading position among sales.


C: Is it possible to say that the inscription on the Made in Italy package is a guarantee of quality?

M: Yes, this is exactly a guarantee of quality control. Of course, Italian, and all European products there are goods for any purse: cheaper, medium, and premium quality. But the producers will never be deceived with the composition, if, for example, palm oil is present in inexpensive chocolate, then it will be accurately indicated on the package. Therefore, be sure to read the composition and choose.

Also, remember that the text on the package "100% Made in Italy" or "Certificazione 100% Made in Italy" should be displayed without any additional punctuation. Only such a product can be considered original and quality, in the manufacture of which Italian ingredients and national technologies were used. Any additional sign or even a small dot indicates the invalidity of the official certification of Italian goods, which is protected by law (editor's note).


We wish you useful and profitable shopping with Costless.

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