August 29, 2019

Price tag: school fees

School is a word that always causes mixed feelings not only among students, but also among their parents. If you are in a pre-school race now, then this review is for you.

So, in almost all Ukrainian cities school fairs are held.

In Kiev, fairs take place at different times:

  • Until August 31, they will be waiting for you in the shopping center Dream Town 2, Ocean Plaza and Caravan;
  • Until September 1, come to the shopping mall Prospekt, Smart Plaza Obolon, Detsky Mir, shopping center Mayak and the Papirus chain of stores.
  • Until September 6, the doors are open in the shopping center Arcadia and Darynok;
  • Until September 7, a school fair in the shopping center RayON;
  • Until September 15, you can visit the Gulliver shopping center.

We also prepared a price review for the most popular positions for school.

We compared the cost of the same goods in different trading networks of Kiev and Ukraine. Fozzy, Novus, Auchan, Objora, Tavria B and the Papyrus stationery store took part in our review*.

*Prices were taken from open sources.

Please review the results of our review thanks to the comparative table.

The choice is yours!

Back to school
Prices in shops, UAH
Product Novus Auchan Fozzy Obzhora Tavria В Papirus
Diary for school hardcover
Notebook (cell / ruler), 12 sheets.
Notebook (cell / ruler), 48 sheets.
Notebook (cell / ruler), 96 sheets.
Corrector Pen, 8ml
Ballpoint pen, blue
The pencil is simple, pack. 6 pcs
Scissors 12-14 cm, pcs.
A set of covers for notebooks, pack. 10 pieces
A set of covers for textbooks, pack.
Glue stick, 15g
Colored pencils, pack. 12 pcs
Sketchbook, 20-24 sheets.
Water color paints, pack. 12 pcs
Folder for notebooks with elastic, pcs.
Case with a zipper, pcs.
Set cardboard color, unitary enterprise. 7 sheet.
Set of colored paper, ur 20 sheet.

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