August 16, 2019

What's new in COSTLESS?

Notice we got a new release. This means that COSTLESS has become even better and more convenient to use.

What's new in COSTLESS?

  • Bonus History

Now you can go to the COSTLESS points section, click on the icon with the number of points accrued, and in the accrual history see the list of products for each receipt for which you were awarded points.

  • Stock sorting

We have added another filter for displaying current stocks in retail chains. Now you can sort by the percentage of discounts (from larger to smaller and vice versa).

Go to the “Promotions” section, click on the funnel located in the upper right corner and select the appropriate filter.

  • Favorites

Add your favorite or interesting products to Favorites to receive information about promotions on them, easily add to your product lists or shopping basket.

  • Search filter

Now you can sort the price information of the goods in the search. To do this, go to the “Products nearby” section and click on the icon with the sliders in the upper right corner and select the appropriate filter:

  • all products in the basket
  • filter shops
  • nearest grocery store
  • the lowest price of items in the basket
  • the shortest way by car
  • the shortest way on foot
  • Reviews

Now you can write reviews and suggestions to the store administration. Go to the “Shops nearby” or “Products nearby” section, select the desired store on the map, click on its icon, a pop-up window will appear where it is possible to rate the store in the form of the number of stars and/or write a review.

  • Price calculator

Now you can easily determine which package (weight) is more profitable to buy. To do this, go to the section “Calculator for comparing prices” and enter the price and weight/quantity of the product in the appropriate fields and compare which package is more profitable to buy.

  • List Archive

Mark purchased goods in the shopping list, archive the list for reuse, and leave a review about the store where you made the purchase.


We also updated the design of filters for shopping and the screen with product details.

We make more comfortable and easy to use COSTLESS
If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to send them to us. We will certainly take into account all the wishes!

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