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Buy more – pay less

With Costless, it is easy to find out where a food basket costs less. Add products to the basket, compare the prices and choose the right store for purchases.

How to save money with Costless

  • shopping list

    Choose groceries from the list

    Use Quickshopping function and add products to your basket

  • shopping list

    Compare prices in shops

    Compare prices and check the range of products across Kiev supermarkets

  • shopping list

    Get the directions on a map

    Costless will help you view a map and find the direction to the desired supermarket


Coming soon

  • 1

    Create your own shopping list, share the list with your friends via Gmail, Facebook, Viber or export it in PDF

  • 2

    Edit the shopping list together with other users for coordinated shopping

  • 3

    Discover more supermarkets on the map

costless features
  • Available

    available costless
    • Location picker

      The number of selected products that are in stock, total sum of the basket.

    • Directions

      Get the optimal directions to the supermarket.

    • Shopping basket

      Displays the number of the selected items.

    • Supermarket card

      Detailed information about the supermarket: location, working hours, distance, the number of selected products that are in stock, total sum of the basket.

  • Available

    compare baskets
    • View Products

      Сheck for the product representation in each supermarket.

    • Compare baskets

      Compare baskets of the selected items across popular supermarkets.

  • Available

    compare prices
    • Item card

      Easily switch between products.

    • Compare prices

      Compare prices of the selected item across popular supermarkets.

  • Coming soon

    shopping list
    • Progress bar

      See the completeness of the shopping list.

    • Share shopping list

      Share your shopping list with other users.

    • Create specifical shopping list for your needs.

      Create specifical shopping list for your needs.

  • Coming soon

    shopping list
    • Check off

      Check off each product on your list as you complete it.

    • Category

      Colored differentiation between categories for user friendliness.

    • Add new product

      Add new categorized product as well as add the product without any problem.


If you want to get more, and spend less, use Costless.

With our application it's easier to decide where is more profitable to buy goods and how to plan expenses. Сompare the total cost of shopping basket and check the availability of the products in popular Kiev supermarkets.

The application will help to plot an optimal route to the selected store, marking its address and working hours. We update prices every day. Save money with Costless and be sure to buy at a better price.

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More than 140 000 food items

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Costless gets price information? Is it subliminal advertising?

    All product and price information of Mega Market, Furshet, Fozzi, Metro, Ashan, Eko Lavka supermarkets comes from open sources (aggregators or online supermarkets). We willingly add new supermarkets to our database, but at the same time we do not cooperate with chain stores and do not promote their products. The choice is yours and only yours.

  • Why there are no prices of a certain shop on the map?

    Costless shows on the map the majority of Kiev supermarkets, but it does not mean that we also have data on their products and prices. If you represent unincluded retail chain and want to add a new supermarket to our application, write us at

  • Why is my favorite supermarket not included in the list?

    if your favorite shop is not included in the list, it means that it does not have any open sources of information, or does not want to issue them. We are open to expanding the supermarket database and you can contact us by email

  • Supermarkets of which cities does your application support?

    At the moment, Costless provides a route planner and tracks the prices only in Kyiv, but in the future other cities of Ukraine will be added.

  • Why Costless shows one price, but there is another one in the store?

    We collect data from online sources, which are provided by the retail chains themselves. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to check the price coincidence, however, you still can calculate the approximate cost of a shopping basket in various supermarkets in the city

  • What is the purpose of registration? Does it affect something?

    Registration is not obligatory to use a full range of opportunities of Costless – your shopping basket and route to the store will be saved in any case. Only one function will be available to registered users exclusively. It is a possibility to share a shopping list with your friends and to edit it together.

  • Is it possible to compare the price of some goods, but not of the whole basket?

    It is possible. Just add all the necessary groceries to the basket, then select a Сompare prices tab in the upper right corner of the application.

  • How to plot a route after choosing the shop?

    Select the icon of the shop on the map, and making sure that the store is open, click Searh route in the lower right corner of the screen. Costless will offer you to select a web mapping service or to use a browser, since a built-in map will appear in the later version of the application. Then you just have to follow the chosen route.

  • Your application has a mistake or a bug, what to do?

    We are always ready to improve ourselves, and your feedback can help us become better. If you're having a problem with Costless, you can describe it in review on Google play or contact us by email and we will solve it in the near future. If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the work of Costless, write to us at