Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Costless gets price information?

    All product and price information comes from open sources (aggregators or online supermarkets). Also we work on adding new supermarkets/shops/selling points and propose our users to help with the products data filling/updating via receipts adding through the Costless app.

  • Why there are no prices of a certain shop on the map?

    Costless shows the majority of Ukrainian supermarkets on the map but at this moment we don’t have fairly comprehensive data on their products and prices. If you represent unincluded retail chain and want to add a new supermarket to our application, write us at

  • Why my favorite supermarket is not included to the list?

    If your favorite shop is not included in the list, it means that it does not have any open sources of information, or does not want to issue them. We are open to expanding the supermarket database and you can contact us by email

  • Why Costless shows one price, but the real one in the store is different? Why the product isn’t available at the shop?

    We collect data from online sources provided by the retail chains themselves. We are working hard to update prices, check the price coincidence and products availability. You can help us by adding receipts pictures through the application and we'll appreciate any help you can provide. However, you still can calculate the approximate cost of a shopping cart in various supermarkets in the city.

  • Why are there some stores in the "Shares" section, but they do not exist in the "Quick purchase"?

    The sources for filling the database for the Shares and Products in the stores are different, so some supermarkets you saw in the "Shares" section (for example, Silpo) may not yet be in the Quick Purchase. We continue to fill our database and soon more and more stores will be available. You can also help by sending us a photo of checks. You can do it from the menu - Costless bonuses - Add a check, and for this in the future you are expecting pleasant bonuses.

  • What should I do if the product I'm looking for is not?

    We continue to fill our database with products, so some products may not yet be. You can tell us that there is not a sought-after product by filling out a feedback form, for this go to Settings -> Feedback. You can also send us a photo of the receipt, we will process it and the missing goods will be added to our database. To send a check, go to the Costless bonuses -> Add a check. Also you get bonuses, which in the future can be exchanged for pleasant bonuses.

  • What is the purpose of registration? Does it affect something?

    Application registration will allow you to use discount cards, add receipts and create a shopping list,accumulate and use bonuses etc. Without registration, you still can find products, compare prices on them in different supermarkets and see promotional offers of retail chains.

  • Is it possible to compare the price of some goods only, not the whole cart?

    It is possible. Just add all the necessary groceries to the shopping cart and choose the shop to compare prices. You can also view prices for a separate item in different stores from the search results by clicking the arrow icon next to the item.

  • Your application has a mistake or a bug, what to do?

    We are always ready to improve ourselves, and your feedback can help us become better. If you have any troubles using Costless, you can describe it in review on Google play or contact us by email, and we will solve it in the nearest future.

  • How can I send a receipt?

    Open Costless bonuses card section and click on the "Add receipt"-button. Take a picture of your receipt or choose the picture from the device. Have a long receipt? Tap 'Add Another Photo'. Tap Save.

  • How to add loyalty cards to Costless?

    Open Discount cards section and click on the "Add card"-button. Type in the name of your loyalty card's provider in the search field or scroll through the list. If you can't find the card you would like to include in the list, you can still add it as "Other card". Simply scan the barcode with your smartphone's camera or manually type in your customer ID. Then take frontside/backside photo of the card. Tap “Save”.

  • How much does a 1 Costless point cost?

    1 Costless point = 2 kopecks.

  • How can I get the Costless points?

    To do this, you need to upload a check purchase photo for the Costless app in the Add check section. Points are awarded when the following conditions are met:

    • - it is possible to recognize the data of the positions from the received photo of the receipt;
    • - Checks must be uploaded not later than 15 days from the moment of purchase;
    • - Store address is readable, it can be easily recognized;
    • - The check ID (number) is readable, it is fully visible and can be easily recognized.

  • How Can Costless bonus points be spent?

    Costless bonus points can be spent on:

    • • 500 points and above can be used to replenish your mobile account (the commission can be charged by the operator!);
    • • 2500 points and above can be exchanged for pre-paid supermarket cards;
    • * we also work on expanding the options of spending points, so other additional options may appear in the near future.
    • ** under the expense of cards/replenishment of a mobile account means the purchase the card by the user for 1 kopeck.
    • *** Costless reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the system of accumulation, assessment and payment of points.

  • Does my information secured?

    Information on the receipts and loyalty cards you provide are anonymized and aggregated with those of other Costless users. We undertake to use it according to our Privacy Policy.

  • Why I was denied for using a card in the supermarket?

    Some supermarkets still use obsolete technologies (for example, laser or flatbed scanners), rather than modern photo scanners. Since these scanners, unfortunately, do not read from mobile phone displays, scanning at the checkout is technically impossible. In these cases, the customer number at the checkout can be easily entered manually.

  • What receipts can be processed?

    Currently, we can process receipts that contain food information, household goods, household chemicals, and other items that can be purchased at regular stores. The system cannot process receipts from construction stores, pharmacies, etc. Except, if such receipts contain information about food or other products described above.

  • What are the terms for processing your receipts?

    We are working to ensure that receipts are processed instantly. But, now, the processing time is about 5 business days. The term, sometimes, may be increased as we constantly work on the processing system and experiment.

  • What information should be present on the receipt so it can be processed?

    The receipt must have the address and store name, date of purchase and receipts number.